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My bro-in-law and I met up in Knoxville a week ago for a few days of riding in the Blue Ridge mountains. He on his new BMW 1200 sport/tourer (I don't know the model designation) and me on the Busa, of course.

As you'd expect, we headed directly to "The Dragon". It was about a 30 minute ride from our hotel. The ride to the Dragon was very nice, some beautiful back country and parts that ran along a breathtaking mountain lake (man-made). I was hyped.

The curves tightened and the grade got steeper as we entered the fabled Dragon, but the pace was slow and even nerve-racking as there were quite a few other bikes and sport cars seeking to tame the beast.

I saw a Harley that missed a curve along the way. Several people were helping the poor ####### get his bike back on the road. We made it to the Deal's Gap resort and hung out for a while.

My impression of the Dragon was not good simply for the fact that so many people seek it out. It's dangerous enough with all of the steep grades and switchbacks. but the shear number vehicles make it worse. Add in the obligatory percentage of squids and you start to get the picture.

Although we rode the Dragon twice (once each direction), I found that there are many other roads in the area that are much more enjoyable to ride on. My favorite was the Foot Hills Parkway. Plenty of challenges with nice 60 mph sweepers. Then there was the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful. Much less traffic than the Dragon with great views. The temperature was nice too. When the thermometer read 95 in Knoxville, it was 82 in the higher elevations. Much appreciated since leaving the 98 degree weather we've been having in Florida.

I guess I can say that I have done the Dragon now, but when I go back to the area (and I will), it will be the other roads and spectacular views that will draw me there.
Bro there is far more to ride here in this part of the country then the dragon....when you get up here give me a and a few others will hook up with you and take you on some really nice roads that are way much more fun...and challenging but as near as the Dragon each and every week someone there gets hurt really bad or a fatality Im getting where I just stay away from it...
Bro there is far more to ride here in this part of the country then the dragon....when you get up here give me a and a few others will hook up with you and take you on some really nice roads that are way much more fun...
Damn! If I'd have known that you were there, I sure would have looked you up dude! That's some nice riding that you have there. I had such a great time that I didn't want to come back. Of course, my worst dreams did come true as there were plenty of problems to tend to at work when I got back.

You'll have to let me in on the the best times to come up. I imagine Fall is pretty popular for the Autum colors, but bad for traffic. How long is your riding season?
i live about 20 minutes away and work at a bike shop on 129/ dragons tail-
--all tourists please stay on the dragons tail so that im able to ride else where--
its great,safe, family fun and you can get a dragon sticker at the end--lol
all kidding aside its wang dang dangerous on that mountain and SEVERAL riders die there every year-- for more info goto
I ride up till around November....and October is really fun..temp are just right in the day....keep in touch...laters Mick
Mick and others. I will be heading out your way NEXT WEEK!!! I would really like all the other people around there to meet up some place general so we can meet one another. If you think you can make it let me know. I will be staying Friday in Telico Plains. Some little cabin resort. Please hit me up as soon as you can. I will be leaving on Thrusday night so the sooner the better.

Thanks Guys,
P.s. didnt mean the jack the thread
We rode from Dallas Texas to ride the Dragon's Tail, Blue ridge Parkway and other roads last June. One thing about riding in the Smokies, you will never have to be worried about riding on squared off tires!
we are doing the busa bash IV at the end of the month
you should ALL show up for this one
Yeah, the Dragon's just getting to be entirely too crowded anymore.  Several of the last wrecks have been from another rider sliding into someone.  I can handle it if I screw myself.  I'll take my medicine and think about it awhile.  If I'm riding within my limits and get taken out by someone else now, that's a whole different story.

Mick's right about there being many more good rides in the East Tn area besides the Dragon.  The Blue Ridge and Cherohala are just a few.

Jester, I'd holler but I'll be at Road Atlanta watching Mladin take those Hondas to school again this weekend.  If that boy would learn to start well, they'd never see him again.


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oh yeah, and the dragon is kinda a "must ride" but no where near the best road up there.... the skyway, 28, foothills, BRP, etc ... all better than the dragon BUT the dragon is a fun ride early in the day or late in the evening....seems squids like to sleep in and start drinkin early
ummm...this is the Dragon eh? I dont know if I have the cojones to do it but we'll see. First of all Suzuki has to tell me "no changes for 06" and then I need to get my 05 and join you guys...

I live up North, but did do the Dragon this year. I thought the wheels thrugh time museum was awesome. you guy's ever checked out mad maps? We rode a few routs off that, pretty cool stuff and it's still growing.