Sorry i missed everyone at the gap

I feel your pain man, I was in a car accident right before the bash and went through a windshield, so I had to cancel my trip...I was looking forward to meeting everyone from here. Glad you are ok, let me know if you need any parts and I'll see what I can do for you. Heal up.
fstbusa, Yep, that was me. Wish I could have met you all for a drink instead!

WildMonkey, I may look you up, bud. Right now a friend of mine and another guy or two may make it up there soon to retrieve her. I don't know what their schedule is right now and I'm not too hip on traveling right now.

I'm not sure of the damage. My friend rode her back to the Gap. He said there was the expected road rash and the ZG DB windshield was in pieces. He put a few of the pieces on the tree of shame....(I feel so honored, I think?, haha.....ouch, it still hurts to laugh). Since my friend could ride her back to the gap I'm hoping for little needing to be fixed.

I was hurting too bad to travel to the top of the hill to look at her when I stopped back at the Gap to pick up my bags. It was everything I could do to get out of the vehicle and walk inside to talk to the guys. I got a bottle of water from them and they wouldn't even let me pay for it. Class folks!

......and THANKS! to everybody for being so eager to help. It means a lot!!!
No Problem, just let me know. I wasn't able to make it to the bash this time either, but still, we gotta help our 'Busa Bro.'s !

Get well soon guy... really sorry to hear all this. I'll be looking forward to meeting you maybe at the Fall bash!