Sorry i missed everyone at the gap

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I had a great ride on my Busa from Savannah to the Gap Wednesday. I ran into rain once I entered NC. Nothing to heavy, just annoying. I proceeded to the Gap and set up camp while I waited for a friend of mine to show up, Once he pitched his tent, we decided to ride the dragon as it was getting late. We rode about a mile up the dragon and I swung wide as my foot slipped off the brake pedal (everything was damp from all the rain). I didn't think too much about it as the ground appeared to be even with the pavement and I hoped to avoid any part of the dirt but unfortunately for me the leaves at the edge hid a 10" drop off that my tire found. It slammed me onto the edge of the pavement breaking the ribs on my left back side and puncturing a lung. Bummer! I had to wait an hour for the ambulance to arrive and then it was the fun of having to lay on a stiff backboard all the way down the dragon and then to Blount Memorial for a weeks stay. I was released yesterday and rented a car for the trip back to Savannah. Thank god for meds to ease some of the pain. The worst part was getting out of the vehicle for gas. It's amazing how much you use your torso muscles for almost everything you do, and when those muscles tighten up, they tighten up against your, you guessed it! RIBS!! After leaving the hospital I went back to the Gap to pick up my bags but had to leave my bike to pick up at a later time.
I was so pumped to meet so many faceless names and see so many cool bikes. Maybe another time.
I'm going to be recovering another couple of weeks before going back to light duty at work. Then this fummer or fall I'm goiing to go back to the Gap to finish what I started!

Greg B
Been there, lung injuries are a bummer. Mine feels good now though I still feel where they put the chest tube in alittle. Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery and we will catch-up on some rides thru the gap @ Busa Bash V. Can't wait to meet you there.
Geezzzzz, that's a bummer
. Here's to YA
on a speedy recovery and back to riding
Wow. Sorry to hear about this... if we had known, I am sure we would have arranged some kind of visit....
Hope you heal quickly and completely!
I had heard that a Busa went down on Wednesday - sorry to hear, Bro!

I'm glad that you're doing better!
The dragon makes another victim... accident victim and thank god not worse!

I wish you a speedy recovery, it really sucks it happended before meeting the boys too...

Thanks everbody!
I'm ready to remount and ride! (I thinks thats the meds talkin'!) I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at a later date.

Greg B
Sorry to hear man. Wish we would have known. I'm sure one of the guys going that way would have trailered your bike home. How bad is your bike damaged? What kind of parts do you need to put it back together? Get well soon!

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Good grief, I hadn't heard of anyone going down on Wednesday, but I wasn't with the group much...

I'm so sorry, but so glad you're on the mend now and back at home
Hate to hear about your mishap, hope you mend well & quick ! If I can be of assistance in getting your 'Busa back to you, PM me your phone number, and I'll give you a call. I am stationed here at FT Gordon, in Augusta, Ga. and I just happen to have my bike trailer here with me. Of course, I also have my 'Busa here with me as well ! I am about in the middle between you in Savannah, and the Gap.

Very sorry to hear this...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery~ Heal well...
that sucks man
there is always next time
hold your head up man it happens to the best of us
wow...sorry to hear. Here's the a quick recovery for both you and the bike!
What a bummer! I'm glad you're recovering well and hopefully you'll be back in the saddle before long.
yeah hooken, and warbaby and myself were out drinkin wednesday night and heard a guy on an 06 maroon/black went dn on wednesday originally from kansas but now from georgia or something like that.

thought it was from our "group" but wasn't sure and then it wasn't. Apparently it was

I hope you get better.

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