Deals Gap video I made over the weekend.

I didnt take very many pictures but here are a few...





Cool pics, cant view video at work.:banghead: Nothing wrong with picking a gear. My ride leader told me to stay in 2nd and away we went.
Nice vid!! I would like to go there some day when I'm not poor. btw, looks like the tank bag is on backwards on the orange 08. It's funny because I saw that in a different thread also today, guess its backward tank bag
Well the main reason I kept it in such a low gear was for more engine braking. It just made life easier.:thumbsup:
Brings back memories ... I love that road ... noticed the cop part way through. Heard they had tightened up over the last year.
I really gotta get there sometime. A friend of mine went down a couple of weeks ago for vaca and also made the races in Virginia too.:beerchug:
What was. . . Crap, I can't remember his name. The guy that had the R1. What was he riding? I didn't see the R1 in any of the pics.