Lot's of new folks signing up lately...


Dis in my way!
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I noticed last night that we had a lot of new members that joined the site and a lot of folks already taking advantage of the garage feature early on which is great. I wanted to make sure that I welcomed all of the new members and encouraged those folks that have been around awhile to step up and help me welcome those new members.

This place was founded on a few basic principles, friendship, respect and something common which is the almighty Hayabusa. Over the years we have seen swings here, just like any other relationship there have been high's and low's but in the end when the chances come up we all really just want to ride! This forum has been used for about 13 years now for friendships to be made and what I call riding buddies for life, we have seen members leave the busa and move to other bikes but always liked the environment, friendship and rapport they found here and of course they are always welcomed.

It's up to us to determine what this place will become, how much time do we invest, are we tired of answering the same question over and over? If your like me the the answer is probably yes but I know that every time I answer a question I am one step closer to maybe one of my best friends on this earth. I have met some tremendous people on this site from all over the world, as good as my friends are I bet there are more out there ready and looking for someone to share their Hayabusa stories with.

Folks, step out of your comfort zone and send a PM, answer a question, take a chance on meeting someone that could be a very close friend for years to come... Search out folks in your area and see what you might find, maybe a riding group or just a new favorite place to eat but you will never know unless you take a step of faith...

Welcome to the new folks that have been signing up over the past couple of months.... I have seen many new accounts from overseas and other countries, I'm sure you can find some others no matter where you are posting from...

We love pics, we love to hear about new things and we love to hear about experiences on your rides... New folks take some time and tell us about you......

Welcome, I will start...

My name is Captain and I own the site... I created this site just as I mentioned above, to meet great people that share a common interest. I like bikes, guns, electronics and helping other folks. I have owned a 2000 Busa, 2007 Busa (rest her soul) and currently a 2008 Busa......

Who's next!

Welcome new peeps. I'm from Arizona but relocated to Houston Texas about a year and a half ago. I love my family and going for rides on my bike. I'm looking forward with chatting with all the new peeps.
I am twotonevert, reside here in Oklahoma and have owned an 05 and now an 09 Busa. I love to ride long rides and cross country trips with friends to meet new friends. My closest and dearest friends were met here on this site, I guess I have member for about 6 years now. Welcome to all the new members and if you need anything just shoot me a pm. :welcome:
Ninja Killer here , I live in Kansas and I have owned 3 Busa's and currently own a 2012 Harley Street Glide . I am one of those as mentioned in Cap's opening that moved away from the Busa because of health issues but LOVE the site to much to leave . Met a lot of great people here thru MNG's and will give the shirt off my back for any of them . Greatest Hayabusa site on the planet and all riders are welcome . I hope to all new people signing the best of times and a great opportunity to meet great people . Ride On !!!!
I'm in east Tennessee and have been around the site since I picked up my 08 Busa. I've met a lot of people here face to face from our get togethers in Robbinsville for the Busa Bashes. Great people and great times!

Here's a good day on the Skyway with FastFrog aka RoosterRider!

ok... so far I've ridden or been to MnG with the 4 that have posted... There has to be moe....
Motochris here in Dallas Texas. I enjoy long walks on the beach with my Busa and...oh wait
I just recently sold my 05 Busa after 8 years and I never thought I would sell her. I will be buying another one soon enough. I do still have a gsxr750 in the stable mostly for track duty.
Love this site. I have met several genuine people here and sincerely believe this is the greatest forum on the internet.
I enjoy the hell out of track days in and around north Texas..hmu if you want to get out on the track. I encourage all new comers to try and do a MnG. Eureka Springs is one of my favorites.
I am the slightly famous Fastfrog, now Rooster Rider that TwobrothersBusa (charlie) mentioned above, please hold your applause. :laugh:

The picture that of the bikes was taken on the skyway at our annual spring Busa Bash in Tennessee. Charlie was was enough to be my personal tour guide that day and even treated me to lunch, tho it was only the 2nd time I'd ever met him. That's the kinda folks you can meet here.
I'd definitely like to invite all the newbs and lurkers to post up and say hi, like Cap said, you never know who'll you'll meet. With the people that I've met and talked to here, I have no problem riding from NY to Florida at the end of the month just to see a friend retire from the USMC. I'll leave confident that if I have a proble on my trip, there will be someone within a few hours that can lend a hand or some garage space, as many have done before.

You may no applaud, not for me, but for the site and the people that make it what it is. :clap:

Ps- I'm in upstate NY, check your amendments at the door and stop in for a visit. :rofl:
Dan here. I've go an 06 and am in the D/FW area (for now).

Welcome to all the new folks! There are LOTS of great people and tons of knowledge here.
I am Raydog, have riden with the Cap a coupla times when he comes out West on big North American sightseeing loops. Just sold my red Busa (HayBus) and just finished a black streetfighter type Busa (I call it the Superbyke) that is capable of 350 hp depending on springs used (intercooled turbo motor). Haven't riden it yet, waiting for special tuning job this week (riding an untuned turbo Busa can be motor murder). Anyways, former Marine, LA cop and love bicycles, mountain and roadie. I'm old (66) but love to ride my CRF 250 pretending to be 25 again! If you're new here, welcome!
Sup guys. I've been to a couple Busa bashes myself. Hard to believe that I joined 9 years ago
Hello all. I'm relatively new here. I signed up when I got my first 04 Busa, which is my only Busa. So far, its been really cool on here. I've received ots of help when I asked questions. Also was able to pick up some goods from soke of the members here too so win win. Idon't know many Busa riders in my area, don't know many riders period in my area. And the few I do know are into drag racing or riding well above what I consider safe for the streets so I choose not to ride with them. I would love to meet some of the members here and ride and get to know them.
Hi, my name is tim. i live in central kansas . i have an 03 busa joined this site the day i bought my bike and have never looked back. I have been to several mng in eureka springs ark and in oklahoma and have rode with cap, twotonevert, motochris, ninjakiller, dan, and many more who haven't posted here yet. this place has been one of the best places i have had the pleasure to meet new people and share my love for motorcycles and riding. i wish to welcome all new members to the hayabusa family !!
I am StromBusa and I am addicted to motorcycles....I found this site when I picked up the orange 08 and I can attest to the unique merits of this confident collection of Hayabusa owners and generally great people. I am located near the highest point on I80 east of the Mississippi, on the eastern continental divide in woodsy central Pennsylvania. I commute allot on my DL1000 when it is wet or cold and on the Busa when it is nice. I like guns, hunting (ducks & bucks) & fishing, raise honey bees as a hobby & make maple syrup in the spring. I'm the kind of guy that likes to wring everything I can out of this pass through life. I lean slightly to the conservative side (lol)... and just won second place in an over 50 cross country race on an IT250. I think I will freshen up my YZ400E for my next project. I have a big Boa, a good size carpet python, huge tarantula, dogs & cats, ponds and 20 acres to keep me busy with the landscaping. Cannot get through a day without checking in on this group....right after Drudge...... information & entertainment, current events, politics, etc, etc... enjoy.
Darciedog here {Wayne} From Bloomington Illinois. My wife Katie {OR ALL ABOUT KATIE} as she is known by some have been members here for a few years.
If we have the time off we try to make as many Hayabusa Org. events as possible. Eureka Springs. Bashs, and Meet and greets.

I have a copper 99 and a blue 08 Busa's. Katie now has a 2012 Triumph Street Triple
I am from South Dakota (its lonely here up here). Lurked on the org for a few months before joining after I had a 2nd gear transmission slip issue. the org helped me through it and has keep me busy for the past four years. I have two 2006 Hayabusas, 1 LE white and 1 road-rashed black that is in a rebuilding state.


and welcome all new members to the org.
Welcome to all the new folks. My name is Daniel, located in Vancouver Wa and it seems as I never leave here. Welcome And Be Safe On Your Ride.
:welcome: ....everyone, don't be afraid to post up an intro thread... :thumbsup:

Names Josh, been around for many years and owned a little of this and that. On my third BUSA and still having fun with it when life allows. If you have any questions don't be afraid to PM or send me an email. I'm not on here as much as I use to be with two little kids in the house these days but try to check the site when I can. There are a great bunch of people on here and I've met many at the Busa Bash and other racing events. Was former military so I moved around a lot and got to see people from all over but now I'm a civilian again back in Texas. If you are interested in 1-Mile racing or any of the other events, I'd be glad to help with what I can.

Take care,

Josh :beerchug:
hey all im chrisjp... most just call me chris.. i have a 06 busa and have made it to one of the bash's and met a few of you....the rest i have met due to (at captain's suggestion) me starting Haya's in the Hills which is in its 5th year and this year will be july 25-28th. im a gun nut and a major activist for our constitutional rights. so dont be surprised to see me going off on a rant...or speaking my mind... otherwise i consider myself to be a down to earth, easy going , educated redneck...and act irresponsibility as i can lol