Live in so. cal.?  lets meet up for a ride!

Haven't been on the computer for a while..
sorry. Anyway, I'm from San Bernardino..

I'll be riding in the L.A. area on Sunday.
I am unfamiliar with the LA area so you will have to give me a more precise local to join up with you. Not sure I will be up for that ride as LA is at least a 1.5 ride just to get there. Keep in touch and I will see what I have going on. How far is the 74 Ortega hiway from you? It is off the 15. Anyways if not this weekend some other time. Haven't riden with another busa yet.

I know what you mean.. when it comes to riding 1.5 hours just to get to where everyone else it at. That would make for a long day. Give me a call anyway.. and maybe we can try to set up a halfway point..

(909) 881-1223

Bad Dog
Yo bad dog, and others. I'm in the inglewood area loooking for other riders. Sundays are bad though. I go to church in the mornings. But any other day I'm game M-S.