Kids you gotta love em !

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Well today while doing some other stuff to my bike look what I found !
My little buddy has either strategically placed a ball in my bike or it bounced in there by itself. As he says 'it jumped in there'

Must have been there for a while as you can see all the burn marks on it where it was bouncing around while riding !

If you have kids it is a good idea to constantly check your bike like an airplane everytime you take off.
Never know what maybe in there !


ball in pipes.jpg

ball in pipes2.jpg
He was just trying to help with the Marble Mod. ( Bigger is always better you know )
I just showed him this thread and pics and asked him about it .
He says 'Hey that looks like a ball in there?"
Yes how did it get in there ?

"I don't know, it bounced in there by himself?"

So he says where's my ball ?
I give it to him and he throws it back at me and says

"Why did you burn my ball ? I'm not talking to you anymore !"

Kids you gotta love em !
Thankfully my kids are older and have a clear set of rulez about activities around the scoot, or else....
Ranger, Adam is half Cuban and half American Arab.
Fire from both sides.
I give him one as you depict and when done he looks at me and says

"That didnt hurt" and runs like you never seen......:rofl:

I cant help but bite my lip till he leaves then I bust out laughing...

Its difficult because my bike stays in the house in the florida room where his toys are and where we play so I cant fault him.

After 8mos he has not scratched it or marked it.
he is always careful around Blanca as he says.
he tells Kathy she is too close to daddies motorcycle.

Hes a natural born biker.

Knows not to touch the 'Muffer' its hot...
haha thats why i keep all my tools locked away,found my 4 yr old one day walkin around with a wrench in his hand trying to turn bolts:rofl:
Yes Adam finds a screwdriver and everything needs fixin'..

He will try to take mommies exercise machine apart, Kathys bicycle, his wagon all but my bike.
He wont touch it.
Sometimes he will sit on it but he has respect at an early age.
It shows.
he has his Spiderman helmet and gloves for his electric four wheeler on shelf under mine.
He parks his four wheeler under the awning and will not share it with anyone.
Take anything stay away from my four wheeler is what he says at 3.5yrs.
You gotta love them kids and the amazing things that they do! I am always amazed at the funny things that my 2 nephews do. :thumbsup: