Gotta love kids


What blue lights?
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Just found out today that my youngest ( Derek / 10 months ) has chicken pox. No big dea, he is young enough that aside from us parents losing some sleep it won't bother him. My oldest ( Justin / 3 yrs ) has not had them yet. So we have been trying to get our oldest child to play with the younger.
We tell Justin to go play with his brother and he walks over to him, sees the red marks everywhere, says "icky gross" and walks away. As funny as it is, I really want Justin to get chicken pox now while he is young and will have minimal affect on him. But just seein the marks on his brother he won't even give Derek a hug anymore, just keeps sayin funny stuff and walkin away.

Gotta love kids when they make their minds up ;) Atleast I know that he will get them anyhow and then I can tell him that it was because he wasn't nice to his brother when he had them :laugh:
Hey, our parents did it to us and now its our turn. The circle just keeps goin.

Also thinking of taking pictures of the youngin to show off when he gets his first girlfriend
Line, actually. If it were a circle, we'd be doing this to our parents, not kids. :laugh:
You guys don't have to vaccinate against chix pox in NC?

In VA, before school, all kids have to have that vaccination...unless of course they get it early! :D
We do have vaccinations but were told to wait until atleast 1 yr for the little one and he got them. My oldest hasn't shown a single sign of anything wrong with him so he should be free and clear for now. We took his "blankie" and let the little one sleep with it and then gave it back to Justin hoping that would work. Nothing, looks like he got my immune system.
I think it's funny as hell TRYING to get the older boy sick... I mean it makes a lot of sense, just the idea...Kinda funny. Especially the blanket thing...Sneeky. Why not just gather up some of the babies drool, and mix it into the older boys breakfast? Should guarantee a rapid onset...Still funny though...