Kansas City invasion 3/15

cap that icon of your scares the hell out of me everytime i see it, i might have to get that ugliest cat as my avatar, lol
Hmmm Im seeing a trend


What an amazing ride....i left my house at 11:00 am and returned at 7:40pm....AMAZING roads....Hal once again great route....and it was nice to see Busawhipped, Semi, Skotty, Randall30 again...and it was good to meet the 2 new guys...Jake and Dale...

Don't worry Hal, Busawhipped,and Semi all had camera's with them...so there will be pics.....Wait till you see Hals Great Granddaughter....she is pretty cute...

OK, here's Hal with his great granddaughter. He really should talk to her about other emmployment. The Harley crowd can get pretty rough. This is where she works.


105_4818 (Medium).JPG
Wonderful pics guys, thank you for sharing! :beerchug: And in defense of my brother from another mother, he doesnt always have his tongue out. :laugh:

Saint Louis 007.jpg
well, i am glad to see i have been entertaining everyone even while i wasn't here :moon: :laugh: (thanks for defending me TTV :beerchug: ) i had a great time this past weekend, it was great hanging out with old friends and making some new ones...thanks to BusaWhipped, Mrs. BusaWhipped, GSXcite, and Mary for letting me stay at your houses, feeding me, and basically treating me like one of the family, you all are awesome :beerchug:

thanks to everyone else who showed up to ride with us, eat with us, and laugh at my sorry excuse for jokes (i try although i am not as smooth at telling them as omslaw :whistle: )...i told BusaWhipped on the ride today that the last couple days was exactly what i needed, thanks to all of you :beerchug:
Thanks, Rusty. Things are going along pretty well. Think the rain has finally decided to stop.

wish you could have been with us...are you going to make it to the Bash? hope to see you there :beerchug: