Just Katie went down


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I'm a little slow at posting this but my wife Just Katie dropped her bike two weeks ago at BlackHawk Farms doing her second track day. She was on her first lap of her second session when she went down. Two bikes in the expert class had just went down in the same corner before she went out. The first lap in the novice class is a caution lap and she said she was running no more than 30 mph when it happened. The track workers said she had to go through some fluid the missed. A total of 16 bikes went down that day, several in the same corner.

She broke her left thumb, fractured her right shoulder, tore her right rotator cuff. As well as bruising and nicking her liver, bruising and nicking her spleen, bruising her right lung and the only visible wound was her right elbow where her leathers ground through. She spent three days in a critical care unit before coming home. Had to take her back to the hospital Monday for a CT scan for internal swelling. She had surgery on the thumb last week to set it. They put 3 pins in it and will have surgery in a month on the shoulder. She will be off work about 3 months.

Katie had very good gear on and ruined every piece of it. Money well spent. I can't imagine how things would have turned out if she hadn't had the gear on. And for the bike. She just bought a brand new Triumph Street Triple the week before. Its totaled. She said shes not done riding and will be back on 2 wheels as soon as she can. She is one tough lady.
I am so glad that she is ok and in good spirits. hugs to you Katie and you know how to get ahold of me if you anything. I am thankful she had on ATGATT.. get well soon. Love ya girl.
Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear, but so glad she's ok!!! Give her my best!!

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So sorry to hear! :( glad to hear that she's on the mend and will be riding again soon.
Very sorry to hear this , My prayers are with her for a speedy recovery . Take care and please keep us updated .
WOW, Glad she is good to go... How is she doing with the crash emotionally? Ready to get back in the seat I hope....
Serious, near serious injuries. Hope shes on the mend and doing better. Prayer sent :please:
Man, I hate to read this. Sounds like she took a pretty good tumble out there. I'm really glad she's going to be alright, but she might be feeling this one for a long time to come. Prayers sent hoping for a full recovery.
WoW..... I'm sorry to hear about your wife. had to get a pin in my thumb after a crash and it was not pleasant to deal with. That crazy how she sustained all those injuries from a 30mph crash?? I know idiots who wrecked their bikes doing twice that in jeans and a t-shirt and walked away from it with just a bad case of road rash. Must have been a pretty vicious wreck, I can't even fathom what woulda happened had she not been geared up.... Geez :hide: Hope she heals up quick!
Thanks for all the support.

She wasn't going that fast, she said between 30 to 40.The problem was the track just installed strips on the corners for the cars to go up to. The back end kicked out so fast and the bike hit the strips {more like curbing} she high sided and landed flat on her stomach. She was up on her feet before the corner workers got to her.
WOW, Glad she is good to go... How is she doing with the crash emotionally? Ready to get back in the seat I hope....

Emotionally shes fine about it. Katie was worried that she would be judged on her riding skills sense she was new to track day riding. She only wants to be a better rider not a racer. She says she will be back on 2 wheels, if not the end of the year she will be back by the Bash.
Wow, glad she'll be ok and that high side stuff hurts. Takes a while to heal and takes a while to shake off the mental mess of maybe crashing again.

Best wishes on the speedy recovery!
Wow I'm sorry to hear this. You guys are on my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I'm not to far so if you guys need something let me know. As far as any body judging her tell her not to even think about it. Everybody screws up at one point or another. Besides that it sounds like there migbt have been something on the track. Just be glad it was at the track where help is right there.
OMG! Just reading this now! Hope she's doing okay! Tell her I'm thinking of her, you guys need anything let me know!

Wayne, So sorry to hear this news. I hope Katie is able to saddle up again soon. Hugs to her fo rme please.