Friend went down on '94 Kawi 1100


A couple of weeks ago, I got a message that a friend went down on his Kawi and was in the hospital, nothing critical though thankfully.

Caught up with him yesterday as it was his first day back at work.
He had left his brother's house about 6:30 pm, and was riding home. Said he had been having some problems with third gear lately, was accelerating, got up to about 55-60mph, said he skipped third gear and went to fourth, the nose came up quick, startled him, he dumped the throttle but wiggled the front end when it landed. said that was all it took. The bike threw him high side, said he slid forever on the pavement. Keep in mind he is an experienced rider, 25+ years on sportbikes.

Had on his helmet, gloves and riding jacket, but khaki pants. Short story, he lost two weeks at work due to severe road rash and sprained thumbs. He said he had his jacket sleeves unzipped so they slid up during the slide, rashed his wrist and forearm pretty bad.
Helmet worked great, textile jacket is toast but nothing wore through. Khakis, totally shredded. His knees and lower legs tore all up, can't stand long even now without fluid buildup in those areas.

He looked right at me and said he would never have thought something like that would happen to him. The rash is only half of the pain, his wife is giving him a rash of her own for almost killing himself.

I decided to write this after I saw a post from Tim at Pashnit talk about riding in his leathers even though the temp got to about 110 degrees.
I had mine on in 90 degree weather the other day, not particularly comfortable, but not that bad either.

Something to think about, because you never know when it's gonna hit the fan for you.


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Good point to be made. I wear my leather jacket and gloves year round. I am guilty of just wearing jeans to work through.


I'd rather sweat and be uncomfortable than deal with what your friend is now. I've been down and have thankfully walked away from each time due to proper gear choice. Well wishes and speedy recovery for your friend.


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Glad he's recovering. Easy to not wear the leather stuff when the temps start to rise - I have definitely done it even though I try not to.


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its good to sweat, breaks the leather in real good:laugh: that and you might loose a few pounds, humm maybe i should wear mine when i mow the yard too:whistle: glad your friend is ok, rash isnt any fun.


Hope your friend gets better soon,well this year after years of seeing peole go down and the road rash i invested in full gear,had jacket gloves and helmet ,this year invested in some leather racing pants,,ive gotten some strange looks from other riders but laugh at them because even though your the best rider ever your day will come when the worst happens...look at the price of pants against the hospital bill and agony of major road rash,and i have the regular pair and perforated pair for real hot days,..

So think about this..what would you rather lose....some sweat or a bunch of skin...

When your in a car you have the car to protect you...when your on your bike all you have is what your wearing...


How come u never hear guys using ballistic Nylon 1050D? Most guys wear 600d. 1050d is is as close to leather as u can get and will definitely save your ass. I remember a chart on sliding distance at 80mph for different materials before they shred apart. 1050D durability was amazing. Hope your friend recovers soon. Hopefully he will get better gear and get back to riding soon.


leather pants or some sort of kevlar. it still amazes me to see ppl riding with no gloves. smfh! thats the one area that absolutely will be put to the test. having a wire brush taken to ur palms, elbows and knees to get out the all the rocks and dirt will make u wish u were geared up.