Imagine me in an "Entry Level Lid"?....

I would more than willing to go that route. my issue is that only 2 company's have a helmet i can fit my mongoloid head in. 2 from Arai and 1 thats pretty much ok from Shoei. the x12 in Shoei and the old rx7 from Arai. Im willing to try though
Thank you for the review @JINKSTER , just out of curiosity did you end up with the same size you would have gotten in an hjc helmet? I've read a lot of mixed reviews saying sizing runs a little small and to get a size larger then you measure for.

And that's the trouble with net reviews because those same folks advising others to stray from the manufacturers sizing recommendations?...are the same folks who don't realize that a proper size lid is supposed to fit a bit snug when new and if they opt for a size larger? a months riding time it will become too loose fitting...after it breaks in and the linings conform to the new owners head.
Just an fyi
I've worn Bell, HJC, and mainly Shoei's over the last 30 years.
I got a new Bell Star with transitions shield about 6 years ago. Long story short, it had issues, and I got a new Star about 2 years ago. Still an excellent helmet...but it did not fit. I wear large, which was too big, and medium was too tight...and still too big.
Bell said that they added alot more room in the temples and forehead. This is how they got the wider field of view. There, and the top, back of my head, it was too loose, and uncomfortable.
So, if you have a Shoei head, like me, be prepared that a new Bell Star does Not fit the same any more, and may or may not fit you.
I wish it had, as the transitions shield is great, along with the rest of the helmet. :beerchug:
I bought an HJC RPHA 70ST. It's noisier than I though it'd be.

As the Busa's Puig windshield puts the air right into my shield, it also has a whistle when I look left to right unless I lock the shield down.

Fits good though and has a good field of view as well as being light (even with the drop down tint visor).