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I had this happen few months ago, I tried to start my bike with the choke up and it wouldn't start ( mind you I had been riding all day so it wasn't a cold start). So I pulled the choke down it started but the FI light was blinking until I cut it off and started it back up the next time I stopped. Today I'm riding and it cuts off while i'm riding ,but only after I really get down on it. The first time it started right back up the second time I had to put the choke down and then the flashing FI light came back on. WTF any sugg???

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well to start, it is not a choke.. it is only a fast idle cam, ,might want to check the idle speed and the TPS

EDIT: (things to look at)

need to pull the FI light code to see what it is complaining about... (a lot easier than shooting around trying to test or check everything)


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Paperclip the diagnostic connector, ignition off, turn ignition on and read code in clock window report back......Could be as simple as an idle screw tweak. You romped on it, snapped the throttle closed (super rich condition) and it died ????....does this sound close ????.....
I forgot to mention that I had replace a spacer in the rear motor mount, and had to take of the kickstand. I think it might have been the kstand switch because it was lose. but will still grab codes . Did about 160 today and had no problem.

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