The rain is finally out of NJ. Today was the second nice day of the summer. The temp was about 95 degrees. I took the bike out. Here is the problem. Hopefully someone can help. To start the bike I had to use the choke. About 5 minutes into y ride I slowed down for traffic light. When I pulled n the clutch the bike shut off. I started the bike back up. I rode for approximately 50 miles. Every time I pulled in the clutch, the bike shut off. Just before I got home, I was sitting at a red light and the bike was idling. It then shut off. I tried starting and it wouldnt start. I had to choke it to start. I have a PCIIIR and a Yosh full system. M312-012 is the map I am using. I wnt by the bie shop and they pretty much said they didnt have time to look at the bike. I thought maybe a heat problem since the cooler days itran great. I have bout 3/4 tank of gas. Any help would be appreciated.


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Does it idle normally some of the time or does it stall every time you are at a light or pull in the clutch?

What's it idling at if it does idle properly sometimes?
How long since you last rode it.

The gas in the tank is new. I have rode several times in the last 3 months. The idle was running at about 1000, yesterday I turned the idle up to about 1100. I guess thats whatit should be at. It seems to be better I tok it to wor andno stalling. It was not as hot though as when I had the problem. It's supposed to be hot here today so hopefully it will be an easy fix. Thanks for replies!

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