I think i want a personal water craft.


OK, since Kim/we is/are getting the 06 gixxer 750. It's time for a new toy for ME.

So....How bout a PWC. Always wanted one. I got rid of my ski boat last year (2nd happiest day of a boat owner) but I figure a jet ski wouldn't be as bad as a 20' boat.

Now I'm looking for pointers from those who have been there before. I'm looking for the most reliable, not necessarily the fastest.

WHat brands do I need to avoid (in terms of reliability)? WHat are the best brands?

I'm looking for a 3 seater with as much storage as possible.

Lastly, What other questions should I be asking (that I don't know enough to ask)?

As always I look forward to your learned opinions.

Much thanks,



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Like NJ said they are all good. I have had the Yamaha 700,Yahaha 1100 and now the Honda F-12X turbo. Some of my buddies have the Seadoo's but it comes down to looks,what you like color etc..


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Sea doo quality seems better than most.

Check out the Sea Doo RXP - 215 HP intercooled supercharged Rotax. This is the Busa of the Personal watercraft world.

Sea doo linky


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Sorry was in a hurry. Seadoo RXT 3 seater and very fast. Has a learner key to keep rpms under 5000 rpm's or something like that. That key is good for break-in and beginners under 40mph. The regular key allows speeds in the 65 range.


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Depends on how much time you wanna spend at the lake. I had 2 and I loved them both, but, it got to the point where I had to try and justify having a toy that I had to pull to the lake, load/unload, ride all day, then tow back home. Too much gas money
. Then when you think about it, they sit for about 5 months a year, and you STILL have to maintain them. For me it just didn't add up. Atleast I CAN ride the Busa to work all year, so that kinda made my decision easier.
But it is a personal thing, and they are fun to ride. If I had the extra funds, I would probably own another one, but with gas prices and stuff, it is just unrealistic for me.
SeaDoo does seem to have the nicest quality though!
Good luck, and have fun!


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i like the yamaha a little better than the seadoo, just my opinion from riding both but i havent rode one of the new seadoos yet.


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Honda makes a killer PWC, but honestly, go find a place that rents them first. One thing I found out after just a few months? They are crazy boring unless you and a couple buddies have them.

I mean you go slow, you go fast, you turn, you jump some wakes, and then.... WHAT? Yeah I found it horribly boring after just a little while. If you have some folks with a boat and everyone goes out and plays it would probably be pretty darned cool.

But yeah the Honda Four Strokes are making a lot of power, are quieter, much better for the enviroment, and are legal everywhere.


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get somthin a couple years pld keep it for a couple years first year i had mine 50 hrs 2nd year 15 hrs 3rd year well it hasnt nit the water yet ? looses its value quickly ! went out bought one 10000$ for the package , 3 years later be lucky to get 3500 for it .

first year i made the time
second year i looked for the time
third year , well im still wondering where all that time was cause i cant seem to find any time!

they are a blast , but again maitaince and the short season we have on long island 3$ for a gallon of gas

i might get it out this year yet , but it will probably have a forsale sighn on it

i bought a 2003 kawi 900stx leftover , it was fast enough, and the range on a tank of gas isnt bad , kids loved it , wife loved it ,

also check your local laws in ny

i recived a ticket on my 31st birthday for operating a personal watercraft without a boating saftey certificate under the age of 32 ? wtf

children under 18 cannot operate ? wtf in ny a 10 year old can operate a 40 foot cigarette boat without supervision if he has a boating saftey certificate ? wtf

speeds in excess of 5 mph within 500ft from shore are prohibited ?

afterdawn till before dusk operation only ? even if you install the proper lights ? wtf

there are several watercraft accidents here a year , so in turn every time i head out , i am pulled over several times for checks
boating saftey certificate
emergency equiptment

none of which are a problem , cause its like wearing your helmet , its just what you have to do , it just gets old quick ! imagine if every time you passed an officer on your bike you got pulled for an endorcement and a saftey check ? not a big deal till it happens several times in one outing including when you switch operaters by the same officer ?

so head down before you buy one to where you plan on riding it , and chat with the people who are operating them there , get the skinny ahead of time so you know what you are getting into , like busa owners they love to talk about thier skis , make several stops where you plan on riding , check and see who you are goin to be riding with some are great people , families ,ect

but then you get the groups who come down to party , drink , smoke pot ,ect.ect, and i am just not comfoftable riding my four year old around amongst idiots ! i think this has a lot to do with the law enforcement in my area ?

just do your homework ! so you know what you are getting into , if you have any connections with any marine law enforcement in the area you plan to ride check with them also , i know a few dozen i still get pulled cause the skis go so fast they cant realy see who is operating them and color schemes are similar , when i get pulled it is usuaqly a pleasant experince i usualy end up knowing the officer and i ask him to check my saftey equiptment anyways !

good luck


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I love the SeaDoos and always have. Started on the Yamaha due to price. I would get something that is a couple of years old. Make sure that they have maintaince records too as not everyone who gets them, maintains them well. Also, this is a case where "bigger IS better". The smaller ones will not handle the chop as well as the bigger ones. Sometimes those waters can get a little ruff on you. The smaller ones will beat the crap out of you and that will totally take away from the enjoyment, especially when you are riding two up on it.


Wow, thanks for all the info.

300busa-sorry just woke up after working 12 hour night shift. As far as speed, anything that is faster than about 50-60mph would be great.

One thing I'm scared abou the the whole bordom thing and when to make time.

I live fairly close to a few large lakes but don't have any friends with PWC. I figure it would kind be like a motorcycle on water. You know, the solitude and exploring angle.

I'm fat, so all I need is a wet suit because I have all the insulation I need for cold weather riding (and jetsking hopefully).

The supercharged ones,...Do they require extereme maintainence that the one's on cars do?

I'm going to check into the seadoos, honda and yamaha. I'll probably have a few more questions though once I dive in deeper.

Thanks again for all the info. I'll dig up this same thread when I know more.



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I have had two...Both of them Yammi's the first was a 760 I belive and the 2nd was the big dog of its time the 2000 GP13. All jet skis are on a gentalmans agreement like bikes. No faster than 65 mph on the water. Put a few $$ and 70+ is very very atainable. But the ski world is geared more toward getting to 65 faster....anyho they are alot of fun...If as Rev said you have a group of people that have them. They are about as much to play with as a boat when you compae it. In my 1300 I had to burn 92 and that got pricey real quick and the 7-10 gallon tank only last a few hours espically at wot. All in all when there were about 5-8 of us that owned them they were a blast...but as we got older and people started to sell them they got less and less fun.

There you go my .02.


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Here is My 04 RXP

Seadoo make a couple others like the GTX.

Honda makes a very reliable machine. (aquatrax) Storage I dont know.
Dont Know squat about the Yami's. I would bet they are every bit as good for reliablity as a Seadoo.

Polaris last year was 2004. Might wanna avoid these. Although they went on clearance because of production end.
I got the wifes MSX150 for 6700 when suggested was 9800.

I would buy new and break it in right. Not the Motoman method. Engine on a waverunner will run at peak alot more often then your bike.
Find local dealers and look at the service lot. Talk to a mechanic see which brand is there being worked on the most. Shop I was at last week had a ton of those Yamaha's. 1/2 as many Seadoo's and about 4 polaris. I think I saw a Honda, they are new you wouldn't see alot yet.

I don't see how you can go wrong with any especialy if you dont get the biggest of any maker. I would expect more reliablity from the ski's near the top. But get one you just add gas (4 stroke). None of that oil injected crap.

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I've had both Yamaha and Seadoo. As far as quality, the Yammie has it all over the Seadoo. I currently own a 3 year old 1200, 3 cylinder yamaha. It FLIES on the water--can get it up to about 70+ on calm day. I hear the Hondas are hot too.

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