Hey Hank,I'm going to purchase the FJR 1300 As a second bike in march 04 any pros or cons about the sport bagger.I've only heard good and it's better than the ST1300.Whats the scoop?
Gotta keep the BUSA speed is what I need.
No need to keep the Busa. The FJR is very fast to 120 -130 mph. It will do nice power wheelies in 1st and 2cd gear. After getting the FJR, I see no reason for you to keep the Busa, unless you still need that really high speed fix! Still, there is nothing like the power of the Busa and it's so arrow! The FJR will run 120 mph+ all day in total comfort, don't even need the visor down and it's rock solid!

The FJR is better for me cause.

1. Comfy.
2. No chain to fuss with.
3. Great for luggage and two up.
4. Has great handling.
5. Vey smooth at all RPM's.
6. Has Busa like power (really).
7. Way better weather protection.
8 That ele windscreen.
9 Get's better milage than the Busa.
10. Dosen't eat tires as bad.
11. You can get a 4 year extended warranty for under $400 , thats 5 year total!
12. Should hold it's value better than the Busa.

I was going to ask if there was really enough difference between them to keep both, but you addressed that. Jet, you might want to ping FredE. He has both a Busa and a FJR. he is riding his FJR to Laguna (2-up).
I really considering this while deciding but thot I wasn't old enough for it yet. I'm 38 going on 21 physically, mentally, emotionally. Spiritually I'm 38 ;)
Whoa ... who says the Yamaha is better than the Honda? I've ridden both and I chose the Honda to compliment my 'Busa.
Well Time will tell on residual value, But I doubt it will be worth more.  I mean it's still a Yamaha.  Sounds good but I dunno, I guess I would have to ride one, Hank, feel like riding to Tampa?

I did briefly consider the FJR but I had been dreaming about a Busa since 99 and was determined not to be swayed...
I have to keep the BUSA I'm in luv with her nobody can make love to me at 150mph like she can.
I think it was backroads mag that compared the Honda and Yamaha can;t remember what month.