2022 Hayabusa vs Kawasaki ZH2


What are some pros/cons I'm missing?

I'm looking for a new bike. I ruled out the ZX14 (older tech/on its way out) and H2 SX SE (specs I want, but 10k overpriced). I had a 2009 Busa for 8 years, but am not necessarily a fanboy. In fact the lack of changes for 2022 and not wanting something too
similar is sort of a con. Pros though are the full fairings/styling, nice big windshield, cushier passenger seat, and softer ride. The Z H2 on the other hand is faster, more fun to ride, and better on twisties. The naked look would have
to grow on me however and is a con for now, along with the asymmetrical intake on the left side, and lack of windshield for high-speed runs.

What am I failing to consider? Can you get easy hp out of the Gen 3 Hayabusa with a simple tune/exhaust? I think they both have quickshifters/ride modes/wheelie control. No ABS on the ZH2 from what I see.


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You could go luxury cruiser:) I’m sure a pillion would love it.


You can get big power from just a pipe and ecu tune from the naked Kawasaki . In my opinion , it is pretty ugly , even by Kawasaki standards , but you could dress it up over time , individualize it to something special . I think sustained high speed on a naked maybe fatigue inducing , but you may develop Schwarzenegger neck and shoulder dimensions to cope . Zero to 140 mph with the possible ecu flash 220 bhp will always be neck snapping exciting . Go get a ride on one or both bikes and see how you feel , good luck mate .


You already know the Hayabusa and what it represents so that is easy..

You have to either want a Gen 3 Hayabusa or you don't...if you have any doubts at all, it's not the bike for you...

My personal opinion is I don't like naked bikes and am not a big fan of Kawasaki so I would not even be considering a ZH2.
I on the other hand love naked bikes and am a die hard Kawi fan...but got a Gen 3 because it is sooo much better (for me, imo) than any other sport tourer (and I am NOT a fan of the Gen 1/2 busas)


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I on the other hand love naked bikes and am a die hard Kawi fan...but got a Gen 3 because it is sooo much better (for me, imo) than any other sport tourer (and I am NOT a fan of the Gen 1/2 busas)
Ya gotta like what you like...

I guess that's why manufacturers do so well because people like different things.


Everyone is different. I have a gen 1 and a gen 3. Planned on keeping the gen 1 but after about 600 miles on the new one and going back to ride the old one I am selling it. No comparison! The gen 3 is so smooth power, shifting the ride everything and imo the design fits me perfect. If you check Youtube Moore Mafia dynos pipes (M4 added about 7hp in mid range and trims about 30 pounds). Sprint air filter claims +5hp. So yes, simple bolt ons for more power and cutting weight.


A good mate had the ZH2. Sold it after about 6 weeks.
Boring, no soul, to clinical.

I had a Z-H2 for two months and sold it. Boring! I'm back on a Hayabusa, a 2007 Gen 1, couldn't be happier.

Interesting that this was mentioned twice. I definitely knew the Hayabusa would be praised for a smoother power delivery, but I thought the ZH2 would be considered the peppier and more exciting bike to fling around.

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Sounds like you should look at a Connie. I have a couple of friends that own them and they love them. They can also be tuned like a ZX-14 for extra power. Dated tech though and due for an update.

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