Help posting pics?Is DR1300R still here?


I have my ZX12 in the classifieds section but can not get the pics to post.Could anyone give me a email address to send them to and then post them for me? Thanks the way is DR1300R (Doyle) still around?
email them to me...

Doyle's still around...
Doyle's laptop is on the blink for the's getting worked on while he is on the road...he should be back on next week some time...if you need to talk to him, pm me your # and i'll pass it on to him
Sold the 12R ,traded for a ZX-11 still miss my BUSA though...but Doyle seems to be very good to her.If you guys ever get a chance take a 12R for a spin. Its not better or worse...just different!! Thanks again ..and Doyle send mre some pics of her if you have done anything different.