Heli-modified or genmar?

Just ordered the Heli's. Will be about 3 weeks before I get them, can post once installed......
I looked at heli and gen-mar and settled for the heli-bars. Heli-bars raise the bars as well as swings them back about and inch. which reduces the lean or distance you have to reach forward. Gen-mar riser only lift the height of the bars, while helpful i prefer the the rise and swing back so i went with the heli-bars. I heard of some people going with both.

I bought the heli-bars from WWW.cyclemall.net and paid $125.00... the gen-mar were $165.00. If you do a search on either one you will get a list of people who sell them so you can compare prices.

Oh and now those 300-500 miles days are done with no strain...and I'm loving it.
I have the 1 1/4" Genmar plate. Very easy to install...four bolts out, add the plate, four bolts in. The fork angle does bring the bars back a bit too. Only complaint is the brake resevoir hits the double bubble now. Good product. They make a 3/4" plate also.
I installed them both. You can install the Heli-bar and the 3/4" Genmar plate and still clear the windshield and fairing. It feels more like an R6 (much shorter) Just rotate the Heli-bar back by grinding a "notch" in the bar where the pinch bolt goes through. New 1/8" locator holes for the switch clusters should be drilled to obtain proper alignment of switches and leavers. No more neck and wrist pain! (Most magazines advertise both).
Just installed the Heli-bars. They are better than the stock set up for me. Kinda a pain to install - about 2 hours for me!