Hayabusa Frame Sliders


I just bought a set of hayabusa frame sliders, and you have to cut the plastics to get them on. That sucks! Has anyone installed these things? Do they make brackets that go around the plastics? If anyone has installed these things let me know. I definitely dont want to cut my plastics, I dont want to "protect" my plastics by destroying them.

The ONLY real protection is to cut the plastics and install the ones you have. Some have had the holes professionaly cut, it has to be right on the spot.
Yeah I did mine.........let me see if I still have pics.....Yep....I only have one left.....They don't make brackets yet for the Busa.......the others GSXR's have em but not us.  If you take your time and do it right it will look just fine.  YOu won't destroy your plastics.  Just remember........cut the hole big enough to give a small amount of space in case the slider bends.

that doesnt look bad at all. What did you use to cut your plastics? I appreciate your help! I have a black SE like yours, and I bought the same frame sliders. Thanks d00d!

also, who would I use to professionally cut my plastics? A local motorcycle dealer? local custom shop? this is making me nervous!

I guess my biggest question is if it's worth it. I know that fame sliders wont do much in a 130mph highside, but maybe if I drop it in the driveway or in a parking lot. Is it worth the hassle?

They look great on that bike though.

What is the benefit and purpose of adding a frame slider to a street bike? :super: Just wondering......
What is the benefit and purpose of adding a frame slider to a street bike?  :super:  Just wondering......
falls off stand, kickstand, drunk and tinkering in the garage and knock it over, little stuff. falls over when stopping at a light and not paying attention cuz theres a cutie on the block, etc.

saves below 10mph basicly. keeps from scratching/cracking plastic in a drop situation.
Hey Cache, I just checked out the Hayabusa Shirts, not to bad, But dude I don't need a logo over my right "Breast" Don't know about you but this man has NO BREAST
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Well.......if you race, frame sliders will save your engine covers in a low side.

And Mike......no one will cut your holes....a dealership won't do it. I used a dremel with the "hose" attachment and the drill bit. Used the hose attachment so it would be lighter and less bulky while cutting. Making it a bit easier to be more precise. I also used the drill bit looking cutting tool with the dremel. Just mark your holes and go straight in the center of your marked hole and make it bigger and biger until you decide it is right. It takes a while that way.

On the left side you will have to account for the frame bolt that sits right above your slider. I simply cut around the bolt without cutting into the divot where the bolt itself sits. My partner used a hole saw and it only took him like twenty minutes from start to finish.....his looks OK. I used my dremel and paid attention to detail so it took me like four hours. But it's worth it.

Just take your time........
Oh yeah....if you start from the center of the hole you have marked there will be plenty of room for error until you get close to your "line". Practice cutting on something first.......like cuttin' your stupid mudflap off like I did. :laugh:
Hey Cache, I just checked out the Hayabusa Shirts, not to bad, But dude I don't need a logo over my right "Breast" Don't know about you but this man has NO BREAST
I "Twisted Wrist" have very manly pecks, and thank you very much!!
There is not a logo on the front. Over the LEFT "breast?" it says Hayabusa Owner's Group and looks nice. If someone told you that you have a breast, it wasn't me. Plenty of guys here wear them, and workout alot, so no worry about not looking manly.

If you don't like them, don't buy one. Even though it is not my design, I am proud to own and wear one.
Frame sliders weren't designed to save your plastics first of all. They were designed for racers to save the engine and vital parts so they could pick up the bike and maybe get back in the race. I have used my frame sliders unfortunately and without them my bike would have been total loss.

There is a local shop here that will put them on. So I am sure that you can find some one to cut your plastics for you. I went to him to have it done. If he F's it up he pays for it. Good deal for me all around. I recommend them. Best of luck with your decision.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Go to home depot and buy a good 1.5" -2" hole saw.(measure your sliders)  Use the bolt provided with the sliders to mark the lower for drilling.  Put the bolt in the whole without the slider. dab the head with grease and install the lower.  Press at the site of mount to transfer the grease dab to the lower..............it centers your drill site.  Drill from the back!!!!  I used a peice of dense rubber mat that's 3/4 inch thick as a backing and reated this on a piece of 2x6 (No scratch on the paint and allows the saw to penetrate without damage.  Mount the bit.  Press the lower firmly against the base and drill.  Perfect!!!!!!! A good saw makes all the difference......

Iwould strongly recommend at least one of these stall mats as I use them all the time for wrenching on the vehicles.  $35.00 for a 3x6 mat.  There very heavy and are great for laying on or dropping tools onto.  I was considering covering a bay in the shop with them cause they're also easy on the feet.  You can cut em up for all sorts of work surfaces too.

damn thats a real good idea. I guess it's not the "how" to install the sliders, it's just a matter of "why". I have full coverage insurance on my bike, I'm just debating if it's worth it. I guess I gotta put more thought into it. That bike looks sw33t though! nice paint

also I love that windscreen, I just put in an order for my SportTouring Zero Gravity, looks just that. That stock windscreen sucks for someone who's 6'4".

Mike......you should've got the Pwer Bronze or the Pryamid....the zero gravity is kinda thin and rattles fairly bad when riding...........I had one and soon bought a pryamid.