JUST BOUGHT 2002 Gray/Silver


Hey guys, I just bought a 2002 Gray/Silver busa with 9400 miles and fairing scratches on the right side for $6,700. It also has the Yoshimira full exhaust including header (no scratches on that) and a TRE but not the one with the gear selection display. Anyway, do you think I got a decent deal? It needs a rear tire.

My main question is, do you guys know anything about this:

I've been looking to replace the two fairings because the one has scratches and they both have frame sliders and holes cut in the fairings for the frame sliders. I've been considering replacing both fairings at once and putting on no-cut frame sliders instead. Anyone know a good set of no-cut frame sliders? Is this a good set?

I figured if i'm going to get one new fairing, I may as well buy both and buy no-cut sliders instead of cutting a hole in the new fairing and using these.


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now we need pics of your bike, as far as the no-cut frame sliders I dont trust them to do their job! The ones on your bike are alot better as they are up higher then the no-cuts would be.


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You might call Charles at StreetnTrack (a board sponsor) , I know he has sold some ! I am not a frame slider (well the kind we can buy that stick out of the fairing and not behind it) advocate. Too many negatives for me over just repairing the panel. And of course I don't think they look very good sticking out like a skate board wheel ! But to each his own. I would call Charles, he carries the best of them.  


Yeah exactly! I agree I think frame sliders are ugly, however I'm a new rider so I thought i'd hold off on repairing the damaged fairing for a while and also hold off on removing the frame sliders. However, once I ride for a couple months I want to replace both fairings & either remove the sliders or replace them with the no-cut ones.

I'm also looking for an Arai RX-7 Corsair Helmet and the best I can find is around $529 with painted design and $420 all black. Anyone on the board sell them that would be able to beat that?

I'm also looking for a Suzuki Hayabusa black/silver jacket with armor in an XL size...


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That is a knock off/copy of the Benelux Bike Design sliders. There has been a few arguments on here as to if they will work or not. The only documented case I have seen, they did their job. Would a good “cutâ€￾ style be better? I think so, but I was not willing to cut my fairings. I have a set of the originals Charles at Street and Track imported. Are the copies as good? I’m not sure

Do a search, there are quite a few threads out there one the subject.


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Welcome wheres the pics. And yes you got a good deal. Definetly didn't get ripped off as long as the bike is squared away.