Frame Slider ?


Does anyone know what the diameter of the whole saw bit is for cutting plastic to install frame sliders? I have done a search and the steps to do the sliders is straight forward, I just need the whole saw size.
Depends on how big you want the hole. Check with a couple other people, but I know that ome use a 2", others use a 1-7/8" bit, I believe. Someone just asked this question about 3 weeks ago or so.
I used 2 inch...A buddie of mine just bought a new 03 Blackbird (yes a 03 ,brand new) about a month ago and with less than 300 miles on it he dropped it in the drivway..450 bucks later he got a new lower side cowl,r mirror,right frt brk lever..Frame sliders are his next mod..
It depends on how big your sliders are. Mine were 1 7/8ths an inch so i used a 2 inch. WOuld help to use the same width as the slider. The extra space gives you room to put trim anyway
I used 2 inch, best thing is to get the sliders take them to the hardware store and make sure the will set inside the hole saw. Even though they should be the same size they may not be.
If not the hole will be too small. Keep in mind if you make the hole to tight you will need to take the slider off to get the fairing off.