Frame sliders


Has anyone installed frame sliders on there Hayabusa? I bought a set of Chrome ones and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on installation since I will be drilling a hole in the side plastic.
What you need to do first is take off the side panels and use a jack stand to support the engine do each side separately .  Now insert the knew bolt that  came with the frame slider  into the engine mount .  Screw the bolt in far enough so that it will make contact with the fairing """"when """"it is place back on the frame to make an impression """"( your probably saying>>>> what the hell is he talkn about making contact with the fairing >>> just keep on followning along Playa you'll see exactly where I'm going with it).  Then place  some play doe or silly puddy or clay in the area where you think the head of the bolt will make contact .  If it is position correctly it will make an indentation in the clay where you will need to drill a hole ;but make sure you drill directly into the center of the bolt head impression.  Now go get a holesaw and let'er rip.
I would love to see some pics of the finished product.

How much do these things really help if the bike goes down? How bout if it just falls over?
The frame sliders saved my fairing when she fell over on my concrete driveway.  I'll post some photos in a sec to show what little damage it sustained
That aint bad from all of the tip over I've seen that didn't have frame sliders. This is a no brain'r Playaz just go get'm and put'm on . So what is it gonna be $50 to $90 for some chrome sliders or shelling out big chips trying to find someone to paint it and repair the cracks .
As for high-speed spills I dont think they save much.  Maybe up to 20 to 30mph if you loose it on a turn and there are no potholes in the black top to catch the frame slider (ouch).
Here ya go Greg, she's alittle dirty ;but here she is. This is same side that it fell on.
Mine were customed made along with my chromed handgrips so they may be a different size than yours  .  Just take a micrometer and measure  or go to Lowes to the tool dept and use their micrometer for measurement and buy the holesaw which you can alwayz use aroung the house; but I think you can use a 2" holesaw.
Herez the opposite side.

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Hmmmm i've been thinking about this, but just hadn't made up my mind whether its really worth it or not...Still deciding.
This may be a dumb question, but is there a hole in the frame already which accepts these frame sliders? Thus, I only have to drill a hole in the fairing?
Hmmmm i've been thinking about this, but just hadn't made up my mind whether its really worth it or not...Still deciding.
Me too, I know its a good idea, but I dont feel comfortable cutting the plastic. Also I dont know much of anything about frame sliders, and which ones are good to get. Anyone want to fill me in?