Hayabua a sport tourer?


I've been in the market for a sport-touring bike. I've been looking at ZZ-R1200 (Rode it. Kinda primitive but fast.), K1200RS, and Sprint RS so far. I had a FZR1000 EXUP for 10 years but sold it last year. Looking for something a little more comforable 1 and 2 up, but still sporty and fast. Will be mainly commuting (75MPH, 40mi/dy).

Is the Hayabusa pretty comfortable? how much weight does it place on the wrists? How is the weather protection?

I love my Busa, and the Busa can be made to be a good touring bike. I think that as a touring you can and will find better bikes to fit your need. Look at the last Sportbike issue, I believe that it has touring bikes in it.
It's a great tourer and as far as weather, I have been stuck in the rain several times. Strangely enough, my pants don't get wet at all, just my jacket. So, when I get home, I'm dry as soon as the jacket comes off, with maybe wet knees at most.

My only gripe is the electrical connections not being weather proof. It's fine in the rain, but if you wash or powerwash it, you have a good chance of blowing a fuse or two. I have fixed most of that myself, though.
Try the cbr1100xx too. I've tested it, its a more comfortable bike with a lot less balls.
Just my 2 cents worth, of course
, but commuting is the MAIN thing I do with my 'Busa. My round trip is about 60 miles, I go as fast as I feel like (I have found that around 75mph in 6th is just below the 'slight vibration' threshold on my particular bike), and I love it!! But then, who on this site has a Hayabusa and DOESN'T love it. I did stick on an ST windshield, bar risers, and a Gel-seat from Suzuki, and I have no comfort complaints at all.
The Busa seems to be a good (fast) touring bike, but for me the bars are to low for long rides. The seating postion is very nice. Also, I did change the windscreen to a Zero Gravity SP.
First, I'ld ask that you define sort-tourer. Then decide is the emphasis sport or touring. As far as two up tourers go there are several that are better. You may want to give the Yamaha FJR1300 a real good look. 140+ hp at the rear wheel, due to be released in june/july as an early model 03. I saw it at Daytona.

As for the Busa as a sport-tourer. I wouldn't trade it for the world.. Here some things that make it a better tourer.

1) Zero-gravity sport touring windscreen, reduces windblast
2) Heli-bars -the larger of the two they sell- raises bars
3) Lower footpegs, I'm checking the TLR ones, an 1in drop
4) Corbin driver and passenger seats, and passenger backrest.
5) Corbin hard and lockable beetle bags
Check out this link to get an idea of a what a touring busa could look like...then theink to you self "It's still the world's fastest production motorcycle"

Ride it like you stole it and have no insurance worries

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