How's she as a tourer?

Hello all--new to the forum. I'm looking to trade my bike in this winter on something a little more sporty. I have my eye on the DL1000 (VStrom) but I keep going back to look at the sport bikes. I've been riding for about 16 years and have never owned a machine like this, but I have always seemed to kick myself for not buying somehting like this every time I end up buying a cruiser.

So here's my questions:

1. How is the Hayabusa 2-up for long distances--200-400 miles a day?

2. I'm a big man at 6' 340lbs. my wife is about 5'4" and 150 lbs. Would this bike be suited for us and luggage?

3. Is there hard luggage available?

Any help would be appriciated.


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I 2 up quite a bit......

1. 200-400 miles per day- prolly as good as its gonna get in relation to sportbikes ONLY.

2.luggage- saddle bags work very well. Plenty of room for your passenger.

3. Hard luggage...yes, and it looks great mounted on the busa


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The Busa is rated over my 1400 intruder with corbin, and my Bandit 1200 with stock seat! By the better half. No more than a few hr ride though.


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I 2 up almost everytime I ride. Corbin makes a nice passenger seat with a backrest. The gel seat is awesome for your seat.
The busa could have been marketed as a sport/ touring bike and would have saved all of us on insurance but this is the price we pay for performance hype. To sport? To tour? The busa is considered too big for a sport bike yet too small for a touring bike. Sounds like a perfect set up for anyone that wants to cover some ground fast , look good doing it, handle better than any other sport touring bike, take it to the strip, take it to the track. I guess the only place the busa comes up short is dirt roads that dual sport adventure bikes travel. In the mean time I'm looking for a 190 rear knobbie and some wider bars to prove myself wrong and make this the only bike to own
Thanks folks. I was looking at the V-Strom for a kind-of sport tourer, but I absolutly love the Hayabusa. I'm looking to trade to get a sport bike, that could sub as a tourer, that would help alliviate my upper back pain that I get from my Vulcan, and has the ability to be customized a little. I think I may have found the right ticket.

So you all think it'll haul my sumosized butt around with luggage and my bride?

Devil Dog

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Hey SUMO.....I don't deal with back pain often. But a Busa is still a crotchrocket. If you already have back problems......a more upright seated position may be the only answer. I do not want to steer you away from a Busa, but I do want you to make the best purchase for your money.

Before I went to Iraq, I took an all day trip which covered over 450 miles (If I remember correctly)...and I was completely done. I'm very fit and exercise regularly......the Busa put a hurting on me! If I had a back ailment I imagine the ride would have been way harder.

Just my 2 cents..... and I want my change.


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1. I have done several 300 plus days on her with a passenger. I switched the stock seat to Corbins. Could not do it on the stock seats!

2. The Busa doesn't really care how big you are. Her power will make you feel smaller....LOL

3. I have soft saddle bags that I use plus a tank bag. I am not a fan of the look of the hard bags and for the price, they are too small. My soft bags would hold enough for two for 4 days pretty easy.

Hope that helps.
I've got mine loaded down with the Nelson-Rigg Classic series saddlebags and rear tail bag: Linky (scroll all the way down)

I honestly think I have as much storage capacity as I did on my Electra-Glide.

As far as distance goes, I do about 105 each way each day to work and back. I get home feeling pretty good - no soreness or aches. Hopefully I can get a nice weekend and really put some miles on!

Of course, YMMV.
my wife rides 2 up with me all the time. she loves it! about 100miles or so we take a break. its still a crotch rocket so my wrists usually take a beating even with a throttle lock. but we solely got the busa so she would be able to ride with me. I'm 6'0" 220lbs and she is 5'7" about oh I dunno 150lbs maybe. the busa has PLENTLY of power for both of us. 130+mph sprints are no problem 2up on the busa.

good luck on your desicion.

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What they said!

The Busa is not an optimal two up machine but my wife and I ride two up a good bit and have been to Deals Gap twice.
Apparently there are a good many luggage rack options (I have a Ventura rack that we mutated into a pretty good backrest) and I can tell ya that the bike has very good manners with a passenger on board.


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I love my Busa for sport touring and Tourmaster soft sided bags work great.

My wife won't ride on my Busa - too much like a jockey positon for her.

Ride alone - do it. Want two up - Yamaha FRJ 1300!



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I have as many if not more miles WITH the wife than without..... she loves it....about a 300 mile day is her limit.

at the combined weights....look into getting a better springs all around .... I think the combined weight isn't rated for much over 400lbs.


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You and the Wife need a Goldwing...
Get the 1800, lots of room, comfort, gadgets and still a surprising amount of power...

Busa as sport tourer! This is a subject that I dearly wish Suzuki would remedy! The recent unveiling of the new Kawasaki GTR1400 drives the point even further home. They are now alone in the world of motorcycle manufacturers by not offering a sport tourer. In recent months MotoGuzzi, BMW, and Kawasaki have joined Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and Triumph in building competitive sport-tourer’s! When I bought my Busa I had every intention of putting hard bags on it but I have never found the perfect set for me (Corbin, Givi, and Krauser are nice but not for me). But I can say that in its current form it is the most adaptable motorcycle on the planet and can be modified to fill any bill to perfection! The first mod’s for me were all comfort related. Bar risers, heated grips, Cruise control, Corbin seat, ST windshield and Brake lines for a little mental comfort as well! It is the age old question of what do you really want out of your bike! If you want a bike that can handle as well as most Supersport bikes and has the legs to go FAST all day look no further! If you are just looking for bragging rights to your buddies it is once again an excellent (though truthfully, no longer the only) choice! If you want a really comfortable and fast bike for you and momma that handles OK and has all of the amenities then a dedicated sport tourer may be more up your alley. I can only assume you are not so far to the extreme as to be looking at Goldwing’s or you wouldn’t be here. The Goldwing has done more damage to “motorcycling†in its purest form than any other bike IMHO. I am almost certain that Honda will offer a retractable roof on it eventually and complete the metamorphosis! Kudo’s to Kawasaki because that new GTR1400 looks like it could be the one to escalate the horsepower race in this category. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedo’s!

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