gsxr 750 03 tail on hayabusa

hy i am Valentin from Romania i have a 1999 hayabusa with 15600 miles , small air box mod , kn filter , suspension raise kit , power commander , original headers modified to 1 exhaust from gsxr 1100 here are some pics with work in progres ... i used the original hayabusa seat it was longer than gsxr 750 and i liked it more this way , worked on the subframe of the gsxr 750 for 2 weeks to fit






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That is a ugly painted job mate :laugh: but the grafted back end looks sweet, back to black, its the fastest colour. Please post pictures when its finished :bowdown:

hy i am from Constanta , by the Black Sea , today i send the fairings for primer i will put pics , it was difficult , because the seat from the hayabusa needed some modding i bend it with a hot air gun and the wires and cdi were very big and it was a pain in the @$$ :)))
another mod i made was the 2007 gas tank and internaf fuel pump , i need a standard manifold and 2 standard cans in good shape does some body have some for sale ? i need them for a friend that trashed his busa
new colors ... nor finished yet but in 2-3 days i will mount new levers , bolts , windscreen , hayabusa kanji and gsxr logos a general clean up :D and HID h1 6000k i put 2 x h1 bulbs using the h7 and hb3 - 9005 bulbs cuting them and making an adaptor soket the light is super bright and i will get back soon with other pics .. the black is matte (no shine) like a rat rod color and the orange changes color from yellow to orange with gold flakes in it , i bought a pair of adjustable rearsets , rizoma grips and others ....:beerchug:






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