My Hayabusa tail conversion to GSXR1000K8


For a few months I have been working on a tail conversion for my 2011 that I want to share with you. I decided against the kits that were available due to cost and went with my own plan using a Gen I subframe. This methods allows the use of the stock seat after a little modification to the shape of the pan.


This is the tail section completed.


These are the rails I made using a Gen I subframe as a donor. You can use a Gen II but it is worth more if you want to sell it, or you can save it and swap back to the original tail section if you want. The round tubing, the attach fittings and the foot peg mounting hard points are from the original subframe. I used 2011 GSXR600 pegs, but there are many out there that will do the job.


The new rails mated with the GSXR1000 seat box. Both 2007 and 2008 will work with this method.


Best to get the complete subframe with the plastic inner fender which contains the battery box and a nest for the ECU. It is very clean using a license plate relocater like this. There is a LED light installed on the bracket to light the tag.


Nice clean lines and very streamlined. I weighed my bike when completed and found that doing this mod, installing a 12 cell lithium ion battery and a four-into-one Yoshimura exhaust header with a Hindle titanium can removed 54 pounds of weight. With the weight reduction, plus the fact that I weight 170 pounds, the suspension has needed a lot of adjustment on both ends but I about have that sorted. I used PVC plastics from Neverland on Ebay and was pleased with the fit, plus PVC is easy to work with. There is a bit of material removal on the side pieces to get it all to fit over the new rails.


The wiring from the Hayabusa harness to the GSXR1000 tail light harness was a direct fit. I had the swap locations of two wires in the K8 harness to get all the lighting to work. With the lithium ion battery there is room in the battery box for the starter relay, plus locations elsewhere for any and all electrical components originally in the tail section. The relays in the rubber boots fit right onto the spaces provided on the K8 plastic inner fender.


The completed bike. Many thanks to SKECHE for help with the graphics. He is a patient man and was very helpful.

The cost breakdown for me was:

$150 2008 GSXR1000 subframe with seat box and plastic inner fender/battery box.
$177 Tail cowl set.
$86 K8 tail light assembly, turn signals and connecting harness.
$16 License plate relocate with LED light.
$140 Ballistic 12 cell lithium ion battery. (you can do without this but it makes it a lot simpler)
Then paint and graphic prices will vary depending on what you want.

I made a jig for the rails if anyone is interested I could help as time permits. PM me with any questions. These Hayabusas are awesome bikes!
You should start grabbing up old gen 1 subframes and make kits. that 1 company that sells gsxr tail conversions charge upwards of $1000+ :banghead: Im sure if you could sell a kit for a fraction of that price a few org members might be interested :whistle:
You should start grabbing up old gen 1 subframes and make kits. that 1 company that sells gsxr tail conversions charge upwards of $1000+ :banghead: Im sure if you could sell a kit for a fraction of that price a few org members might be interested :whistle:

If someone likes what they see I can supply the rails made of Gen I subframes, but it will take someone who is relatively mechanically inclined to do the assembly and fitting of panels. I agree that the cost of the current kits is out of the range of most people, including me.
That looks great!! Specially considering What you spent.! I always wanted to try that gsxr tail on mine.! :thumbsup: you did a great Job!
I have the complete tail section (white) with hump, seat and pegs if you are interested. PM me for photos.
By far the best mod I have seen all year. This is much more simple that the kit. I am getting ready to tear my 2000 down, and this is a mod I was considering, but couldnt quite wrap my head around that $900 kit, not including the fairing, seat pillion bracket and lights. Nce work!!!!
I been looking at this setup from different angles and it looks fairly simple. Question, did you have to bend any of the subframe to make it work? Or did you just cut the top part of the subframe away from the bottom part, shortened the top part and welded the shortened top part to the bottom part, but at an angle where the pillion seat bracket could be bolted to both top and bottom pieces? Hope this isn't too confusing