GSXR tail swap project.

I have decided to do a GSXR tail conversion. My bike is stretched and I will be using a +6 Catalyst 05/06 race tail. I will be using the stock Hayabusa seat (according to plan anyway), and building a subframe which will enclose a battery/ecu box, and another small area under the tail for the air shifter equipment, data logger, etc. I will also be using a GSXR taillight. Pictures will come as I make more progress. For now it's being built out of 1" steel square tube, but that may change down the road. This is a first run attempt. I see that all of the kits out there run a GSXr type seat or the conversion seat that's available, but to keep costs down the goal is to use the stock seat. More will be decided on that later. Stay tuned! :please:

First pic is previous setup.


image (2).jpeg

image (3).jpeg


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I like it. But at the same time for me anyway,the hump makes the Busa.

Swet bike thou Bro.Very sweet.

Not that I haven't thought about this...

What kind of pipe is that? I see it's Yosh, but damn I like it! Oh, and the rest of it looks pretty sweet too :thumbsup:
I know, right. LOVE the exhaust !! Looks like the one my brother has on his 600.

I'm one of the few on here that LOVES the Gixxer tail on the Busa !!

There were 2 custom bikes a few years ago for Rats Hole (I think that's what it's called) ? One was purple, but they had Micron exhausts from a 600, and I LOVED the look of them too.

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