New Stable Mate - 2005 Gsxr 750


This past Saturday I picked up my dedicated trackday/race bike. My 2011 Hayabusa is being retired from track days out of fear of doing any damage to Black Betty, and out of the fact that she has a lighter more nimble partner in crime to do the dirty work now...

I present to you my 2005 Suzuki GSXR-750 previously owned and raced by Greg Williams "Cafe Racer Inc".


Aftermarket parts list: Penske 3-way adjustable Gas Rear Shock, All Ohlins Internals - Front Forks, Graves Fairing Stay, Bazaaz Fuel Management System and Traction Control with launch control, Quick Shifter, Body Works Race Fairings, Vortex Clip-ons, Vortex Rear sets, 520 Conversion with multiple 42, 43, 44 rear sprockets, 16, 17, 18 front sprockets, Puig Front Windscreen, Carbon Fiber rear tire hugger, BMC Race Air filter, Ti-Force Pure Titanium full race exhaust, Braided Steel Brake lines, Upgraded Tokico Dual Pad front rotors, Pro Grip grips, Woodcraft Stator and Clutch Covers, Woodcraft Frame Sliders, Diablo Rosso's on one set of wheels, Dunlop Rain Tires on spare set of wheels.

Just brought her home on 04/30/2016 headed to my first track day with "B" on 05/07/2016 at "MPH" Motor Park Hastings (Nebraska)


Very nice! I just recently did my first track day on my 03 SV650 I picked up a couple of months ago! Although it rained most of the day, it was pretty fun! The track photographer didn't do pictures that day,though. My buddy who has a 2013 Busa and has taken it to the track a couple of times, bought a dedicated 03 GSXR 750 track bike for the same reasons as you! Enjoy!!


I was just talking with a buddy today and saying if I ever got a track only bike I would like to get a GSXR 750. Way better then a 600 IMO.

Nice bike you got there. Hope you never crash it - but better it than your Busa. Stay safe out there.

I maybe going to a track this year and the only sport bike I have is my Busa. Oh well, maybe someday I will run across a deal to good to pass up.
Until then I still have to use my Busa if I want to do a track day.


Sweet!! How does the GSXR feel on the track?
Man its so much lighter, flicking the gsxr around the corners takes a lot less effort the end of the track day i was not dead on my feet like I usually am on my it definitely was a lot less physically demanding.

Overall I love the new stable mate, "B" is a great addition and I absolutely love riding her...

Heading to Hallett Raceway in Jennings Oklahoma May 29th, 2016.


Awesome!! My buddy shares the same sentiments when comparing the two on the track! Have fun at your next track day, look forward to pics and vids, if you have them!


Update: things did not fair so well with this bike and its been returned to its original owner who gave me a full refund.
Blown Valve Control Arm, noisy tick, bad fuel pump, broken clutch release spring all 5 hours from home at Hallett Raceway Oklahoma.

Took them 4 weeks after the track day to finally say the issue then they offered me a full refund which I took.

It has been replaced with a 2005 R6 pics to come along with video after I visit Putnam Raceway in Greencastle Indiana this coming weekend.

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