Gen II - 600 Mile Service Costs



I'm always interested to see how much the shops differ on the completion of routine services. I have always taken my bikes in for the first service, as I know from experience working at a shop long ago that the manufacturers look for this completion when considering any type of warranty claim. I finally got my 500 miles break in over with (No thanks to work and the Ohio weather), and I have scheduled my 600 mile initial service for this Friday. ( I plan to have the balance of the miles accumulated easily by then). The cost according to my local shop? $137.00. Not the worst I've heard of, but $40 more than the ZX-14 by the same shop, which they couldn't explain.

So....anyone else remember what their first service cost???


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I think mine was $189.

I've asked service managers about this stuff before, and they have always cited the complexity of the Gen II plastics as the cause of higher labor charges for minor services.


The dealer I bought my bike from wanted 250.00. I did it myself. I've been calling around for tires this week and the nearest shop from my house wanted 600.00 for a set of bt016's installed. If I could find a nearby shop that did good work for a reasonable price I would use them.


I paid $230.00. and they never saw me again after that!!!! I decided to spend my money on getting the right tools to do everything myself with the help from the .ORG of course!!!:thumbsup:


Well I guess they are at least in the ballpark. I hate to see the money go, but will be glad to see it done and documented! I have been waiting to get it broken in and the initial service before I bolted on my Yosh slip ons.

It's killing me.:banghead:


DIY is the way to go. If you can. My first service on my 2001 gixxer 600 was $100 in 2001. So your price seems pretty reasonable.

As far as for the warranty I have a service log with great detail and pics of everything including the odo. I have not had to use the warranty though.


I have mine stripped down at the moment and Flicka is right about the plastics, there a B+*%H :banghead: My friend and I discussed how much it would cost if we took it in to put all the mods that were adding.

We finally got the halos, HIDs, and LEDs on last night. Picking up my front sprocket tonight and finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel :laugh::please:

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I'm doing a 500 mile service for a guy on his 2012. Costing him about $5500...

Oh but a 500 mile service consist of a turbo at my shop. :laugh:



Should run a little better I think.

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Man doesn't anyone negotiate these days?
I agreed to everything and then hit em with 'either throw in first service or no deal!'
Simple they actually told me no and called my bluff. So I got up and was walking out of f&i office when they said fine ok please site back down. And no I didn't get raped on price as it just under 11k otd.


Blanca Busa said:
Man doesn't anyone negotiate these days?
I agreed to everything and then hit em with 'either throw in first service or no deal!'
Simple they actually told me no and called my bluff. So I got up and was walking out of f&i office when they said fine ok please site back down. And no I didn't get raped on price as it just under 11k otd.
Never thought to negotiate that in my deal, but I sure will next time.

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What all is involved in the first service?
Nothing you can't easily do in your garage in a couple hours......and at least know the bikes safe to ride and done right. I've never paid for a first service and never will. Its the same stuff you would do to a new to you used bike fact less. If you can change your own oil, check for loose nuts and bolts, adjust your own chain, twist your throttle and check for too much freeplay, and make sure your clutch and brakes are working properly (pretty obvious) you can do your own first service.
And if you keep records for oil changes you're warranty won't be affected, unless something like a wheel falls off because it came loose :laugh:
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