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I have approximately 1000 miles on my Gen 2 Busa and already had the 600 mile service done by the dealership. Should I follow the service schedule in the owners manual and take the bike in for servicing to the dealership or should I do it myself. The dealership wants serious coin to service my bike. Also when should the valves be adjusted because I don't think I want to tackle that task. ???


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I am doing as much of the work that I am able to do myself. I don't feel comfortable taking my bike to the stealership to have them do the work for me, and most of the maintenance isn't that hard to complete yourself.


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If you have the E33 (California Model) you inspect the valves at 600 miles, 7500, and then 14500. If you have the "normal" model you inspect the valves at 7500 and 14500.

I do all my own service on the Busa but I plan on taking the bike to the dealer at 7500 miles for that inspection because I don't have a clue on how to do it. I also believe you need computer software and some type of ECU reader to do that job.

I'm also not sure what you're suppose to do after you hit 14,500 miles because the service recommendations in the manual just quits but I doubt you should quit servicing the Busa after 14,500 miles.


I have a gen II, and after the 600 mile service, 4000 is next with just an oil change and general inspection. Valve inspection does not come untill 14500 miles.

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IF you want your warranty to stay in tact and you feel comfortable doing the service then by all means do it yourself but make sure you keep your receipts and any documents to prove products were purchased for the required service.


I do it at dealership and stay there to make sure its done right. It keeps my warranty in tact and would help in case dooms day ever knocks my door and i need to sell my baby.


It was my first NEW Bike and I purchased the prepaid service plan - just be careful as the service is only as good as the mechanic doing it !!!

If you trust your dealership and have a good service relationship it should not be a problem.

My experience has been sadly different - I have had BAD Luck with my local dealer, and the service agreement is with them only.
So 2 more services and I will do my own after that. (I am also getting the services double checked at another dealership who will work with me) ((Aurora Suzuki - good guys))


Do you think it's a good idea, to compare dealership service charges (to see what everybody else around the globe is charging)?

Had my 600 mile service today (09' Busa), at a local dealership in SC. The total bill was $115.63.

Honda GN4 10W40 (4) 5.29ea ($21.16)
Filter $12.14
Shop Labor ($75.00)
AND TAX :laugh:

I always let the dealerships, do the first service, of every vehicle I buy. And then from there, it's all me. I document all of my service work, mileage, notes, etc... on an Excel Spreadsheet. :)

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