friendly warning about a member from alberta canada


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Dude is a dik wad.

I'll try and be qwik here. Saw the guy riding in my town. Pulled him over to chat. He wanted some parts.I had those parts. He came to my house the next day. Took the smaller parts with him,asked if I would ship the big one. No problem I said. Then the text messages started.

This punk is an' opinionated little fug. He wants me to help him tune a power comander over the phone using the 3 buttons. He got my modded airbox but does not believe in an filter for it. He didnt want my stock cans because he could get stock cans shipped to him from the U.S. for 40 bucks he says.Shipping on cans across the border,from a stranger,for 40 bucks total.OK... ??? The look on his face when I challenged that lie was awesome. He had to have my PC III but doesn't feel he needs a dyno tune.He likes to lean his bike to one side when he brakes so he doesn't wear out the middle of the tire.:cookoo:Blah blah blah. He goes on about this and that. He knows everything about Busa's.

This little creep is in for a surprise. He has friends here in my town. When he visits again.... well, Rubb is extremely angry these days.

More than usual.:laugh: I could forgive all his bullshiddin' and his entire personality for that matter, but to not send the money for the airbox.

THAT,is disrespectfull. White special edition Busa's in my town will not be hard to spot.

I'm not sayin' there is any criminal intent. I just wanna chat. :laugh:

Bottom line. If you are considering a deal of some kind with a member(so he says) from Alberta Canada send me a PM. I will tell you if it is him or not. Have name,addy,cell #....but not his Org screen name.

Boiling Mad. oops, I mean... RSD.
that sucks man!
why can't people just be groovy to each other?

i really hate, fast talking, lieing, scamming, showoffs, that think they can get anywhere in life by doing wrong to others.

they are everywhere, and that sucks too!
Whats he thinkin' tryn to give us guys with white limiteds a bad name? Sorry you had to deal with that, Rubb. Like you don't have enough grief already. Hang in there!
I told him to roll up to my shop the next morning and I would even install parts,or do an oil change for him,etc.

I was being very cool even thou it took less than 2 minutes for me to intensely dis-like him.:whistle:

But I thought this guy is a fellow busa brother,help him out ya know. I'm not in the business of selling parts or trying to get rich here,he wanted a couple things so I told him what I paid and he agreed to a price. Then to burn me for a few lousy bucks. I do not care about the money at all,we are talking like 20 bucks or something stoopid. Its the principle of the thing. I would have re-built the guys whole bike if it needed it. He was a traveller right? You help out those "on the road" as best you can.

Fuggin' Canadian's :crowbar:

i just hate people who takes others good intention for a joke. will loose my head and do something stupid. strongs hope you run into that dude on the next conner