forkin stupid qn.......

man cache, you're gonna burn that 1k mark tonight? You are soooooooo close.
looks like i need some help... the board has been knda deserted lateley. like old tucson.
I'll never forget the last time me and the wife went there...
ya know the big cups of beer they sell? get refills cheap??
well, long short story, had about 5 of em, and the damned actors drug my beer-buzzed as$ into one of their stunt shows.

can u say FUNNY?
Damn I knew I need to check all the posts I missed that one LOL I checked out Labusas while we where down they get real weird sometimes . Its Caps board and I will obey all the rules I dont post anything questionable but I dont think a bikini shot is to bad
I know the answer to this is probably on another thread somewhere, but what's a Molly?