New to forum/hayabusa. A couple questions


Hey guys Im new to the forum and to the hayabusa scene. Ive got a couple questions about modifying my hayabusa. I know you guys probably get bombarded with new people asking questions but here it goes anyway.

1. How much will a 240 or 250 rear tire kit with a stretched swingarm affect the handling of the busa? Will I still be able to do some curve carving?

2. I want to accomplish 300 rwhp using a turbo set up. Is it possible to do with just bolt ons? I dont want to start pulling the bottom end of the motor apart. I dont mind some mild headwork and cam swap but would prefer to leave the bottom end assembled? Whats the best way to accomplish my goals.

Thanks , I look forward to building this bike with your help. - Aaron
Can't speak for the 240+ kit, but a stretched arm will increase the amount of effort you will need to carve, but not make it impossible. You just have to throw it around harder. Someone else will have to answer about the turbo kit. Be patient, they'll speak up.
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Welcome I saw you were in jax let me know if you need someone to ride with sometime we are always looking for cool peeps to go ridin with arround here
stage 1 with an extra injector, and spacer will get ya right around 300. I would run an innercooler also if you have the cash and you'll be able to get it on pump gas no problem.

replace the rods if you want to go any higher than 320hp.
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The 250/240 kit will definitely affect your handling. And if I believe correctly, the 240/250 tires aren't Z-rated....meaning that they're not meant to go above 100mph. You'll still be able to take turns, but you can liken the handling characteristics to a chopper. It's gonna take turns wide, and since you're more than likely going to be closer to the ground, your turn clearance is going to suffer.

As for the 300rwhp, I think it's doable with some minor bolt-ons...but be advised: if they don't set it up right, you're lookin at a really deep money pit.

I don't know if you'd like to combine the 240 with a kinda negates the other.

JMHO, FWIW....I'm sure some of the other Turbo peeps will chime in and get a lil more in-depth.
Unless you are planning on sticking to staight line drag racing, don't stretch the wheelbase. As for the fat tire thingy, it's all bling IMHO. You will find several people on here that actually step down to a 180 to improve handling. I run a 190 and have the rear raised an inch to help the bike turn. I tried a 200 Pilot Sport, but didn't really notice a difference. The biggest tire I have found that was Z-rated was a 220-can't remember the brand, think it was intended for a Warrior.

Can't help you with the turbo much, but there are plenty of folks on here that can. I investigated it for myself just a bit. One recommendation that sticks in my head is that if you plan to ride it continuously and expect it to live (ie: more than just a drag bike) the very least you should add is water injection, but an intercooler is the way to go.

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Ghetto kit from Dennis.....
Eventually you will be in the lower portion of the motor with anything making this kind of HP.....
a friend of mine went with the extended swing arm, larger rear tire and slammed it, neat looking but I will smoke him everywhere but in a straight line. He can launch good but that's about it. Great if you hang at the track or need the extra control under pressure. Bad for the twisties.
Thanks for the welcome! So what Im hearing is for the ultimate performance of the busa the 250 tire is not recomended? The bike will be used primarily to haul the mail at the strip and such. I just figured the 250 would help with traction and stability... but dont want to completly sacrifice my ridability. What are most of you running for tire size with a stretched swing arm? fst busa: who should I look into for the stage 1 kit and everything I need to accomplish my goals?