Nuther vibration thread


The Pessimistic Optimist
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This one is a little different. When I blip the throttle up to say 3000+ rpms, when the motor comes down right at 2000 rpms I get this (IMHO) excessive vibration noise. Happens when downshifting/braking as well. Almost sounds like the whole front fairing is loose (or even like the windscreen vibration but louder) but...I believe it's comming from the top of the motor. I'm thinking valves or maybe chain, etc.

Does seem to get less pronounce when bike is 100% warm, like after a 20+ minute run.

Could be normal engine noise, bike idles great and runs strong. I did put my tre back in and took a squid ride (ala Rothensburger, no lid) around my block only (no traffic anywhere - slow speed) so I noticed more (I could hear everything).

I think I'm at about 6000 miles, is there or when is it, wise to have a dealer (I can't do this stuff) check your valve lash, etc...?

Anybody notice the same noise/vibration?