forkin stupid qn.......

Welcome to the board Boosa and nice pic but just keep in mind that we do have some ladies that frequent this place. Like I have said in the past I would hate to see what they might post in retaliation. Lets continue to keep this place clean.
Hey Boosa,

I don't think the board allows nude posting you may want to inquire...We do have some quality ladies that visit here and I would hate for them to be offended...Keep those to yourself...

As for pronouncing "Hayabusa" flex on your girl and say it any damn way you want to!!!!
The PIC has been removed, there is absolutely no tolerence for images of that nature. I appreciate the emails and contact from the members. Boosa if thats what you want to look at then head to Labusas they are set up for that exact type of content. As for here, keep your personal sexual or questionable pics to yourself feel free to post your bike or ride pics.

Keep it clean guys !!!

Don't sweat it; I've been almost banned from some boards. My recommendation is; if you go to Lasbusa's anything goes - other boards have different rules. Sometimes the rules are even unwritten ones - that's a tough one. If I have a wild hair up my arse, I go to Labusa's and let it all hang out...
Well boosa sorry that you feel that your rights are being violated. I know that there are threads on the board that are a little off topic and I try to allow the members to police themselves whenever possible. I don't want porn or pictures of your dreamgirl on the site and my circuit and Internet provider will not allow any form of nudity or pornographic material to be posted. Regardless if you got your feelings hurt and you think that you have a right to post what you want on the board, this is my site and I have the right to remove you. You can either play by the rules or move on, I prefer that you stick around and enjoy and participate but I will not tolerate someone taking a chance on taking this site offline because you could'nt play by the rules. I have said this many time in the past, this is my board and you only have the rights that I allow. If you want to exercise your freedom then go and get your own circuit, servers, domain name and learn how to host your own site and message board. Or you can simply go somewhere else. This is not the only site on the net with this type of limitations, suzuki was taken offline for this exact complaint from their provider. This site was set up for a bunch of people to share information and enjoy the sport, not to show sexual pics, as I stated before there are a million other sites you can go to for that garbage, this one is pretty clean when it comes to language and will not have anything on the site that would not be accepted by the general public. (If anyone is not sure if a picture is acceptable the just ask) I do not want anyone to be fired at work for nudity or porn on their computers that came from and I do not want members to have to worry if their kids are looking over their shoulder.

Roger that Skip! re:your last transmission.  Glad we're back up and running I was starting to get the DT's (shows you the state of my life)
 Oh yeah...the correct pronunciation...

I usually pronounce it as follows Hayasweetjaysusthisisonefastsonofagunbusa
I apologise if I 'offended' anyone with the pic - it was actually going around our Australian Hayabusa board site and everyone enjoyed a good laugh. I guess it is a cultural thing. Americans tolerate and condone violence, whether it be bombing other countries or simply on TV, but are vigilant to protect their children against the terrible evil that is nudity. The pic was not mine, I dont know who it is, but thought, in my obviously deluded Aussie way, that it would be seen as fun rather than as an outrage.

I fully appreciate Captain that you are trying to protect your own arse re these type of images of your provider doesnt like that sort of thing, but what I did not appreciate was your condescending poste which questioned my own ideals, as well as your not so veiled threats in your email to me :

"We cannot allow the type of marterial that you posted on the board today. Any form of nudity or pornography is not strictly prohibited. My ISP will not allow this type of material to be passed along the network. Consider this a warning, next time your access will be removed and your IP blocked. If I conclude that you have reapplied to the board then I will contact your ISP and have your service disrupted for Network Abuse."

All you had to do was simply advise that I could not post such material due to your ISP restrictions. What I dont need is someone in another country threatening to contact my ISP and disrupt my service. I can assure you, as a Lawyer, such threats are not appreciated.


I apologise if I 'offended' anyone with the pic

I fully appreciate Captain that you are trying to protect your own arse

I can assure you, as a Lawyer, such threats are not appreciated.  



we are all here to support eachother, share stories, laugh at eachother, etc... but by no means are we here to scold you or to make you feel not welcome.

If Captain somehow made you feel unwanted or violated, I apologize on everybody's behalf.

If you felt threaghtened, then it was due to the overwealming pressure put on the Captain by other members. Again, no harm / disrespect was intended.

Long story short, don't feel bad about this, if anything, you are more knowlegeable about this board than you were in the past.

I feel like I'm talking to an alien that was offended by our nature, thanx to the damn t.v. for that... but anyway, keep on posting, and sharing your Hayabusa life with us...

P.S. - Have you learned how to pronounce Hayabusa yet???
Well Boosa its great to be stereo typed, you name one violent act, racist statement that I have posted, find one statement on this board that even mentions a notion of harm to another country or person (other than kerbie). You won't find it on this board, I try and keep my personal beliefs and political positions to my self, not because I have to but because I choose to do so. My email to you was not to cuddle you or slap you on the wrist, I am not your mommy. I sent you a simple email which contained your options, In recent past I have been forced to take stiff actions against violators of the site, you have chosen to reveal the contents of that email once again your choice. I will not allow any member to put the board at risk of being taken offline because of something stupid. If you had read the rules that are posted when you sign up you would have noticed that that content type that you posted is not allowed. Now we can banter about this wasting my harddrive space and boring the rest of the members or we can drop it consider it a lesson for all and move on, your move.

Captain: I really appreciate the way you (and everyone else here for that mater) keeps this site PG rated. It makes me less apprehensive to share most of its content with my 11 year old son, letting him in on the joys of communicating with fellow Busa enthuseists (sp?).
Well Boosa its great to be stereo typed, you name one violent act, racist statement that I have posted, find one statement on this board that even mentions a notion of harm to another country or person (other than kerbie). [/QUOTE]

Love me or hate me, they will never forget me!

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