forkin stupid qn.......


Okay, I know this is a pretty stoopid question but help me out with an argument I am having with little miss can't be wrong...

How do people pronounce 'hayabusa'.

ie -

do you pronounce it "hayabooooooza"

or is it "hayabusa" - with no prolonged "oooo" vowel sound?

right, I'm off for a strong coffee/scotch.......
just like it wife says the same crap.....

my boy seriously thinks it's guy but definitely not an English major
I pronounce it ha ya BU sa. Emphasis on BU.

I would be interested to know how it's pronounced in Japanese.
I can't ever say it without intentionally sounding like an angry Japanese guy....... short, choppy, and loud!

I also tell my Kwak and Yam riding buddies that it means "Faster than you"
hiya - like from Howudoin?
boo - like from Getting scared at Haloween
sah - like from WAAASSSAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!


Ok, my friend in japan at ahs just emailed me the following. So this should nip this one in the bud..

We Japanese pronounce it flat sound or first sound strong.


Is it making your satisfaction ?

Thank you

Jun ichi

Dude! I ROCK!!
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