Sad to say I sold my Hayabusa


Just wanna take the time and say thanks to all the members that help me out with my questions. This is a real great Hayabusa forum!

I had to decided between my Hayabusa or BMW S1000RR. Not enough time to ride both bikes.

I do really miss my Hayabusa :down:

I will be back with one in the future :thumbsup:







Wish you would have sold me that GPR off of it and gear indicator :laugh:

That was a nice busa who ever gets it will be in luck
With tha BMW I don't know how much you'll miss it ?

I got a Harley last month, and sad to say with my Busa needing fork seals, and now the clutch chattering away, I'm afraid it's just going to sit. I just can't see getting rid of it ?
so you decided to keep the lower class bike.....We wont forgive you!
No need to leave the forum! We all love the Busa, but several here own other bikes as well...stick around :thumbsup:
I know the Beamer is more advanced and a better bike on paper but I have a biased eye towards busas and your Black Busa looked better in my opinion> As long as your happy and i'm sure whomever you sold that busa to is ecstatic :thumbsup:
The Bimmer is an awesome bike. Stick around and tell us about it once in a while.

I love the BMW. So much power and handling is amazing. The only thing with the BMW with all that power it hard to keep the wheel down. With my busa weight it was much more easier to hit the throttle all the way :laugh:
Did you tell the new Busa owner about this great place? I'm new here but feels like home to me.

I told him. The new owner is my good friend, hes not the computer type. Hes still as a hard time using is iPhone
Ill try to teaching him how to use the forum I'm sure hes going to end up asking me to post for him LOL
glad your sticking good sir. i only wish i could aford a beemer i would have one too. but i would always keep my busa