Football Pool...


enzyme of hypoverbage
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I remember there was some talk about doing a football pool here for the playoffs.. nothing ever materialized and it's 3 days till playoffs.... So!

Here's my plan.. I'm not sure if enough peeps will be interested..but...

I propose we do a "on your honor" type of pool.

I make a list of the 12 playoffs teams..and assign them numbers.. 1-12 If the team that corresponds with the number you picked wins the Super Bowl... You Win!!.. if not... you lost and owe the winner 10$ (winner gets 120$ duh&#33

I am going to take the last number left to avoid any cheating on my part.

You pick #3 and that is the number assigned to Cleveland... You "own" Cleveland until they. .
A)Win the Super Bowl..
B)Are eliminated from the playoffs.

The only money that you send anybody is to the winner after the super bowl. (His/Her address will be provided to the participates only) You can send cash/check/money order/paypal... etc. ON YOUR HONOR.. after the game is over.

I already have the list made.. so if you trust me you can go ahead and pick a number and I'll mail you a copy of it. If not.. Tell me your interested and we will find somebody "neutral" to make/keep the list.
Oh.. and if more than 12 people are interested I don't see why somebody else couldn't follow the same/similar plan and have a seperate pool.
hmm.. it appears my idea wasn't as good as I originally thought.