Do you have to do this.


In England you have to take your bike or car to be checked every year.
Do you have to do that in the US.
Mine is due in January.

Here's a list of what they check.


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In Australia (in the state of NSW at least) you have to do it if the vehicle is over 3 years old
Looks to be a tax/tariff $ generator. I pity the fool that rides around on a motorcycle that isn't maintained. I know in NY it is a requirement, not in Florida. I have seen some real rat bikes roll through the shop only to be refused due to overall condition/possible liability issues.
Looks like a state inspection which we do have here.

When I was in Florida they did have the emissions testing but not an annual inspection, however I believe they had the ability to inspect the vehicle at any time when pulled over and write violations. Floridians correct me if I am wrong. :laugh:
In VA, we have to take every vehicle we own in for a yearly inspection...I'm used to this, but Omar had to get used to it...between the two of us, we have 6 vehicles that need this every stinking year :banghead:
Thankfully nothing like that in California for Bikes.

The new exhaust laws just got passed here which threw the aftermarket exhaust industry into a tizzy, but older bikes like the '08, just doesn't affect us even with the Slip-on's on there.

Emissions also goes county by county. Nice to live in the country, not as strict.
In Tennessee motorcycles are exempt from emissions tests (woot), as far as other vehicles, it is by county. My county does and it is annoying. But then we don't want to be like Hong Kong do we?

There are some places in the world where exhaust is cleaner than the intake air.
Newman I was stationed in England for 6 years and hated getting an MOT inspection every year. I remember when my 2 year old car failed the exhaust portion of the test due to a Borla exhaust system I had put on it. I had to go back home and re-install the stock exhaust, then go back for the inspection. Of course, I put the Borla back on right after I got my certificate and tax disc renewed. I now live (and plan to retire) in GA where there is no inspection what so ever. Some states do not require an inspection some do.
In Pennsylvania we have annual state inspection...focus is tires, brakes, lights & signals. All have to meet minimums, tires have a minimum tread depth, brake pads a minimum thickness, and lights & signals need to function.
Yes, here in mass every may but that's no surprise considering that they tax you on everything else.