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Im headed down to the dragon next Wednesday and staying at crot. It will take me most of the day to get there so my day on Thursday will be spent on the dragon. but on friday when i leave i was thinking of heading out and catching the devils triangle in Tenn. before heading home. Its not too much of a detour i dont think. I should be able to catch 40 afterwards and 75 then home.

Has anyone been on this road/route before? Ive seen some pics and am looking at the route on and it looks pretty cool. I couldnt really get down and dirty on it cause ill be loaded down besides i wouldnt want to since it would be my first time on an unfamiliar road but nonetheless it looks like it would be a nice ride.

oh and if anyone is going to be down at the dragon the 20,21 and 22nd let me know!:thumbsup:

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We (docDrop and I) rode the Triangle during the last bash... make sure you go through it counter clockwise (from East to West)..

It is a really neat road... but a real road.. with rocks and debris and driveways and dogs... you go past 2 quarries on this road as well.

TN95 leading up to it is a REALLY COOL road... nice and wide and nice pavement.

If you need directions, holler at me... I put a thread up about this somewhere :sulk:


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Wonder if we could get the state to put up a sign "Gixxer launching point" :laugh:


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The Devil's Triagle is OK. We had 3 bikes go down in the same corner during our group ride, so be carefull. Like Jules said, there are rocks, gravel, and other junk on the road.


if i do ill make sure to go counterclockwise. didnt know it was better one way as opposed to another thanks. think ill pass on the submarine

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