Close call today

i went riding today with my brother and three friends they were riding two cbr600rr,s and a1000rr kid brother rides zx12 my brother took off first smoking his tire then i went that is when things went bad i rolled on the busa hard in 1st it wheelied no problem i set it down went through 1st hit 2nd and was still in by that time brother had let off i didnt realize how fast i was coming up on him i hit the brakes at over 100mph it started fishtailing i seen that i was going to hit him he was riding center of lane so i went off the road onto the shoulder with the gravel and coasted by him i didnt try braking no more it slowed down to around 30mph i was able to get back on the road without going down glad i didnt hurt myself or anyone else or my bike been riding since 21yrs old on the street i am 37yrs old not my first fast bike but the fastest i should have used better justment.


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Hey, I'm truly glad your okay and nobody got idiot.  That's what I would have said directly to you if I had been riding with you.  Sorry, no punches pulled here.  At least you admit you learned something and will be a little smarter and pay attention next time.  

Again, glad it came out okay.  Go ahead, flame away.

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kinda sounds like this happened:

although in the video it looks like the front guy was going to turn left when the guy in back continues to stunt.
Looks like the guy in the back did an endo too! Watch right before they collide!


Chalk it down as a learning experience. I had that happen down at Bike Week in Daytona back in 2000 on a HD Heritage. We all took off from a light and my buddy in front of me was on a duce and pulled way out in front. Didn't realize he had slowed down and locked the rear up and slid past him. I have no idea how I missed him to this day! Scared the crapola out of me!


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At least you're does go fast and acceleration is great fun, but all of us sometimes forget that it takes some space and time to slow back down...just glad you didn't go down...

No one was harmed in the making of this lesson


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That is the primary reason I usally try to stay in the rear guard when riding with more than one person. It is really hard to judge or predict when someone is going to slow down. You guys should always ride staggered at the least.
Glad your ok.

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