Close call

Beautiful here in MD... 74 degrees, slight (5 MPH) breeze, and super sunny.

I was out with a couple of riding buddies (they were on F4's) today. We were heading from Potomac towards Poolesville on one of the old ferry roads. I was cruising around a tight twisty at about 65MPH and shifted from second into third... Only, I was a little hot on the throttle when I popped the clutch. So, mid-turn, my front end pulled up a hair. To make matters worse, I hit a pot hole patch or something and both wheels were off of the ground for a moment. I tapped the rear brake (as soon as the rear set-down) quickly to bring the front back down. But, since the bike was in a turn, I didn't have my front tire perfectly matched to the turn and when it came down, it skidded and the bike started into a heavy shake. I tried to control and was actually doing ok until the rear tire broke loose. Fearing a high-side, I let the rear tire do its thing. So, I commenced to slowly slide across the road with a little shimmy. Eventually, I slid off the asphalt. At this point, I was only doing about 50 or so. The side of the road was grassy, muddy, and full of gravel. The 'busa slid around some (pretty hot and heavy) and I finally regained some composure and pulled it back onto the road.

Fortunately for me, all I got out this experience was some new found respect for the zuki, a slightly muddy rear tire, and a HUGE dose of adrenaline.

How was your Sunday?

love to hear about succsess !!good to know that someone with some skill and luck can pull out of a bad thing !!!!!.i take it your not one of the fist bike busa riders!


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Nice save man , nice save . Some people , like my gf , some buddies , others .... absolutely hate that 'drenalin rush . I love it . I love it when it makes ya feel sick to yer stomach.
Hope ya taught them f4's a lil' lesson or two .

Have a good evening man . Rubber .
i take it your not one of the fist bike busa riders!
nah, I have been riding for about 17 years... On many bikes. In my earlier days, I would have definitely panicked and prolly hit the rear to hard and all he11 would have broken loose. Not to mention I would prolly have frozen. Experience counts sometimes. I am just glad she didn't set-down... All I could think of while I was off the road was... "How am I gonna explain this one to my wife."

( :


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Glad your ok. Thats all that really matters. Sometimes it's good to get your heart going. Makes you think.


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Actually, I do it (scare myself) more on my sled than I do on a bike. We ride our sleds pretty fast with the group I ride with. Just a Arctic Cat ZR 600 but it does over 100mph. I was driving to my parents in my car the other day going just about 75 and I thought, my god, I go so much faster on my ZR over snow. Kind of makes you think.
Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys!

I will definitely file this "incident" in the ole brain cells for future reference.

Knowledge is power!!!
I see those busa has so much power. I am glad you made it through safe.. I might have to come take some classes with you when I decide to get a busa

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