Chain Replacement

Big Red

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I am going to be replacing the factory o-ring chain soon and was wondering if it should be replaced with another o-ring chain or a non o-ring chain. I always clean and lube the chain around 400 miles regardless. The chain will be replaced before the Spring Bash. I will be riding from Texas to North Carolina. What say you my fellow Busa Brethren.
I would not even consider a non o-ring chain...

I got the EK ZZZ 530
The O-rings help hold in lubrication to the pivoting roller. O-ring for sure!
i have a non o ring chain that i use but had a 530zzz before with no problems
go with the o-ring chain for everyday street riding but on the track a non o-ring chain creates less drag and is better for the strip.
Has anyone done a test at the track to see how much of a difference there is between a non o-ring versus o-ring? I know it owuld be a pain in the behind but people might still like to know the out come.
Order the zvx2 and you will never look back.I have sold zzz to guys and they have taken them off and replaced them with zvx2's and been good every since..