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How often and what brand with "O" ring chain? You may not believe this, but I went to a yamaha dealer and was asking what lube they recommended. The counter man was previously a suzuki mechanic who was a GSXR 1150 fanatic before owning his Busa. He said he had personally talked to whomever owns Tsubaki chain co. at one of their company gatherings. The mechanic steered me away from all the brand name lubes and said he personally uses only WD-40 - not so much for the lube, but for the cleaning ability. He said he had previously used only PJ-1, but every time he looked at his chain it appeared to be full of every and all grit he had ridden through. (Makes for a very good lapping compound he said). The mechanic said the Tsubaki would not disagree with him about using only WD, again for keeping the chain clean. After all, if you're using "O" ring chain, how is lube going to do much good anyway - if the "O" rings are keeping the factory lube in, they are also keeping the aftermarket lube out of where it's doing any good. The mechanic even went so far as to say he gives a brand new chain a WD-40 cleaning before he ever installs it. He also said he has little if no chain stretch and has over 13,000 miles on his present chain.

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Hmmm...I'm not too sure that I would depend on WD-40 as a chain lubricant. Although it does have some lubricating qualities, I believe there are other characteristics to consider. That being said, look into Bel-Ray brand chain lube.

I don't know all the technical mumbo jumbo but I think you could describe a good chain lube as one that will protect as well as lubricate metal surfaces that are in some type of contact where the two surfaces rub against one another (well duh!). On a chain this would include the pins through the center of each individual roller, which are O-ringed at each end to protect from contamination, the links, and to some extent the sprockets. I believe Bel-Ray uses solvents to carry the lubricant into areas of the chain where friction occurs. When you apply this lubricant as per the instructions (chain needs to be warm so all metals are properly expanded), you wait ten or so minutes (before riding) for the solvents to evaporate, which leaves the lubricant in place. As far as how often to lubricate the chain, I believe this depends on riding conditions. There should be something in the owners manuel for the bike (easily found online, there may even be a copy in the org somewhere, possible do a search?) but I try and lube mine (most all riding on the highways) every 150 to 200 miles, give or take a mile or two...or three:whistle:.

Hope this helps and good luck! :beerchug:

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EK says that WD will cause the o-rings to harden..

ChainWax is a pretty dry lube and pretty popular.. I use PJ1 (every day if it is a run and once a week for around home/town)

Cleaning happens about once a month or so..

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