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Okay busa boys...you have always been very helpful and I need some opinions. My wife is up in Minnesota helping out with a very ill family member. She might be up there quite awhile (I am in Chicago....430 miles away 6.5 hours by car). I was thinking of surprising her and driving the busa up there. I have never gone more than 2-3 hours at a stretch (my busa is two months old) without getting a bit tired in the wrists and neck. So I was thinking of putting the monster in a truck or van or trailer and hauling it up so I can ride and help her out
(since I would have to take vacation days from work, I figured I might as well get some miles in on my busa!!)

What sayeth you almighty busa masters of this forum?

You take busa only what are you going to do for clothes? I would love to go up on busa only and send clothes in overnight mail or something.
nobody said you had to go the whole way in one day. try splitting it up if you think it would be too far for one haul. play it by ear. maybe you wont get as tired as you think, or if you do stop for the night, get a room, some hot chow and sleep. if you stop though i'd get a ground floor room (motel 6 etc0 so you could ride the busa into the room. seen more than one bike gt knocked over/kicked over in a parking lot. also seen a few that werent there the next monring, just depends on the neighborhood i guess. anyways, good luck and keep er shiny side up.
oh something else i forgot.  you mentined 6.5 hours in a car.  ride it like you own it, and welcome to warp speed scotty.  i bet most of us could shave about 2 hours off of that with a good eye and some interstate highways
Buski, u can easily do 400+ miles in a day NO PROB! I am 42 yrs old, did 450 on July 3, 420 on July 4th and 10 + hrs on July 10 (not sure of miles) It wasnt that bad.... besides if u is willin to twist da wrist, you could do it in about 3-4 hrs
430 miles will be a breeze.....just take a sit down break when ya get fuel....that's what I do.
I built a trailer thinking I might need it......that was 4 months ago.......all the trailer has seen is dirtbikes and quads.
Riding the Bus long distances is just too much fun.
Just stop about every 100 - 120 miles or so for gas whether you need it or not and that should give you just about enough time for a break that all will be good. Have done that on every long road trip I take and it works every time. Daytona is just under 700 miles from me but I still get there in under a day and feel fine once there.
I had a feeling you guys would lean toward riding the monster up there rather than truck it up and I had a feeling you'd have suggestions on how to cut the 6.5 hour trip by a few hours.

At 185 mph, I should cover the distance in 2.29 hours....assuming law enforcement doesn't get a radar lock on me. Can radar guns even clock speeds that high?

Anyways thanks guys....as usual you are very helpful. If I do it, I will pace myself. And I'd love a pic of my busa in a motel room...that would be cool. "ROOM SERVICE FOR TWO PLEASE...I'LL HAVE AN OMELET AND SOME 10W - 40 for my LADY BUSA"
If you do decide to truck it, Use Canyon Dancer strap ( very good item $29.00 ) and I made a ramp from 3/4 ply and some angle iron. I also made a simple chock for the front tire with 4x4 wood blocks and screwed them to the sheet of ply in back of my pick up. Bike rode solid 5 hrs home... - K
When I bought my Busa in the dead of winter I hauled it 3.5 hours in the back of my Toyota Tacoma 4x4 pickup. I put a heavy duty rachet strap (not the cheap kind) on each side of the handlebars and torqued it down to the tie down hooks in the bed of the truck. I then attached a single strap to the rear wheel and the bumper of my truck, so the rear end couldn't slide around. It road home on the Interstate solid as a rock - even with my erratic and very fast driving habits
4 weeks from being 42 and 700+ mile days are no problem. You're in control ride as far as you want you just have to stop when you feel like stopping. Get off the bike walk around drink some water, pop a motrin. By the way stop by the bike shop and pick up a cheap throttle lock or throttlemeister. It'll save some strain on the right wrist and hand.

If you decide to tow it I really like the canyon dancer straps. I used them for the first time last week, bought em on ebay for $24.95 +shipping. Easy to use and very secure. More importantly they keep the straps off your fairings.. Got a couple of buff marks were the rachet tie downs rubbed against the fairing
.. Just throw your gear in a duffle bag tie that suck onto the back of your busa and roll out!