Busa meets deer at 60 mph


Last nite my son and I were returning from a concert and a deer jumped down off a bank in a wooded area. There was no time to do anything. The bike went down we ended up slideing down the rode behind it fortunately!  Minor brush burns is the extent of the damage to us but the Busa needs fender, radiator plastic ect... ect... My question is what is the best way to put this back together? Is it best to drop it off at the dealer and let them worry about it or can I come out ahead by getting an estimate and then doing it myself?  Any and all info would be apreciated.
Sorry to hear about your accident. I am glad that you and yopur son are OK.

Best to get an estimate and fix your self. You need to check with your agent and policy, to make sure you can fix. 99% of the time you should be ok. The big difference is if you have the time to take care of the repair.
This is a scenario that scares me, because there's an exclusion in my policy coverage that won't cover if I collide with an animal.  

(maybe you ought to check that out before calling the insurance guy, and "adjust" the story accordingly if needed)
You didn't collid with an animal, You avoided a drunk driver coming into your lane
Was there witnesses?
Glad your ok!
Yeah, that's what it says.

I know insurance policies are a total bore, but I'll tell you what: It really might be worth it to take 15 minutes and thrumb through your exclusions sometime, just to see what you won't get covered for.

I was shocked at some of the things NOT covered in my house insurance. Kind of pisses me off.
I have Erie Insurance and called their 800# they will cover impact by said deer and Terri said they will have someone look at Monday or Tuesday. I dropped the busa off at the dealer this afternoon. Daylight didn't make the picture any better both sides are history as well as rad, headlight on and on I will keep you posted on the fun.
If you are going to have it fixed at a dealer try to get one you know that will "adjust " the quote so you dont have to pay your deductable too Insuraunce is a rip most of the time its like gambling you will have an accident Sorry to hear about the wreck Glad you are both OK My daughter is 8 and it scares me to death to think about wrecking with her on . Does he have leather etc where do you find them for a child etc Fixing it yourself would be cheaper but if insuraunce is paying get the quotes and the check and fix it yourself ???? I dont know if you can do that.
I got the estimate from my dealer today $4722.35 I also found out that insurance will cut a check to the lien holder which is my credit union and I so I can fix it myself if I decide to.
I recieved the check from my insurance co. today now all I need to do is decide which goodies to spend it on. I would recomend Erie Insurance thier service was excellent.
These things worry me, since right now i can only afford liability insurance (470 per year on busa). Even the agent said it woundnt be worth getting full coverage cause it costs more than the bike, over $11,000 per year.

Glad to hear your OK. So, what did the busa do to the dear?
Man i'm glad you and your son or ok, as well as the fact that your insurance covers you. Deers are my greatest fear, since i live down 1/4 from a state park aka Deer Hevean. I've only had one close call. A deer came charging out the woods on a collision course and i caught a view of him charging out of my side vision.. Since the bike was less than a month old at the time and i didn't want to drop it i just hit the gas and prayed. I survived but everytime i pass that spot i'm doing 25 with my eyes wide open.