'Busa Character


Forgive my ignorance,but could someone tell me what the character on the Busa says/stands for?I am asked all the time,but have no clue.Don't want to remain clueless........
All other members of the board feel free to help out and chime in, but the character on the 'Busa is a Kanji (Japanese character). It represents the Japanese Peregrine falcon which is one of the few animals which can travel at about 300km per hour (in a dive). The designer apparently came up with the name whilst walking along the beach and seeing this bird.
Well, my buddy Babo from Japan( he is a sushi chef here in Stowe) says that the exact translation of the Kanji is "Fastest Bird"
Just to further confuse things, it has also been said in the forums that it stands for Speed & Power. So take your pick. Not much better off than you were when you posted this, huh? :super:

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