Joined up to give the wee lad MightyM some advice and thought I'd say hi. I didn't know I wasn't already a member

Found a bunch of pics of one of my 'Busas here though. What's up with that?

I was also doin' a background check on that "Howlin' Mad" character that is known to frequent this joint.

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Biggar, I just post the ones that are sent to me. I have no way to know whose they are, as a matter of fact I have even had people get snippy over this very issue. I hope your not upset with pics of your Busa being viewed by thousands of people.
I got no problem with it at all. It's great to see my bike on the 'net. I bought it from jeffw and he's the one that built it and put up all the pictures and website about the bike. I just ride the sonofagun. I have a Copper '99 too. I love 'em both but they are totally different animals. The Carbon Fiber bike is only about 10 lbs heavier than a gixxer 1000. Here's jeffw's site with the 'Busa info and also his fantastic gixxer 1000.

Whats up brother? Glad you made it over to my other site. Good folks here. Talk to you soon...

Marc "Howlin Mad"