Howlin mad's new family member

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Well here is the newest family member! His name is "D'oghi"!! He is very cool and very active!! Undoubtedly the most vicious Yorkshire Terrier ever bred!! Big Gar give me a few months to put some weight on him and we can get the yorkies out in the street for a fight. LOL I crack myself up with that one...

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:

Pic is of my son Josh and his new best friend!
hey marc, cute dog!!! damn, i wish i had a little dog... as you have seen, my dog Rambo weighs 125lbs. and would eat poor D'og-hi for an appetizer!!

Lo you better recognize D'oghi's skills... He will take that girly rott you got apart... Damn he just read this and said bring that Pu**y on. His words.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa: